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Dangerous tail maneuvers, mini keyboards and the ill eagle. Listen to what Juergen has to say about his face melting pro model.


Juergen Gritzner Top Mount 38

Juergen lives in Austria, his backyard is filled with limitless roads, packed with wildly cambered hairpins. He needs a deck that he can count on going fast, but won’t cramp his feet up when he wants to just push around taking it mellow. The subtle features in this deck are apparent enough to lock you in, but don’t feel like daggers in your feet forcing you into position. You have the freedom to move around on this deck. Enjoy your time on a skateboard. Bio-Suit Series graphic.


Specs: Length: 38 inches

Width: 9.75 inches

Wheelbase: 23.8 to 27 inches

Flushmount EFP-26

0.5 rocker

Micro drop

9 ply

More details on kebbek.com


AGE: 28

HOME TOWN: Graz, Austria

SKATE SETUP: DH: Juergen Gritzner Pro model, Caliber precissions, RAD wheels, STREET: any fancy cruizer shape i can find, Caliber street trucks, RAD wheels or Bones.


ACCOMPLISHMENTS: 1st place at Loralo Slopestyle Contest 2014, 1st place at Czech Championships 2014, 7th place at IDF WC Kozakov CZ 2014. Several top 5 places all over europe races. FAVORITE SKATE DESTINATION: San Francisco Baby!


More details on kebbek.com