Check Out Mike Paproski: In Your Face

We recently covered Mike Paproski for his GoPro Award and noted he has a new book releasing. Previously we have covered Mike on for being a rad dad to his son Greg Paproski and getting featured on Great Big Story. Dude is epic and we’re only touching on a small piece of connecting with him. Please check out Mike Paproski and get to know the man living the Papdog life thanks to words by Tracy Rudhe. Be sure to also check out his new photo book – In Your Face!

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Mike Paproski, a Colorado native, is a father of two (Jonathan and Gregery), and raised with his younger brother, Josh, by his awesome parents, Joe and Jan. A veteran of the United States Air Force, he was considered “disabled” for a variety of reasons…but decided to actively pursue longboarding, and then street luging, in order to overcome some difficult obstacles. As a result, at the age of 43, Mike has traveled extensively for races, earning National titles, meeting incredible people, and becoming an award-winning photographer. He is humbled by the praise he has received along the way, extremely grateful for each opportunity this sport has provided…and will keep on filming until someone rips the camera from his hands.


Mike “The Papdog” Paproski’s current project includes a book of photos compiled from the road (literally, as he captures footage from his GoPro while luging alongside his free-wheeling subjects) throughout various locations and races during 2016. Mike is also now a GoPro Award recipient, stoking him out and driving his efforts even further!


Over 200 full-sized pages of 8×8 still shots are the sole content of this coffee-table book, categorized into chapters devoted to some of his favorite adventures and other clever skate-isms: #HeyLadies features some of the fearless females who have stormed onto the scene,


#instabanger includes some of his most-liked Instagram posts, and #LocalsOnly is a tribute to the Colorado crew that inspired him to take his photography to this extreme.


IN YOUR FACE — A Collection of the Papdog’s Favorites from 2016, will be for sale on Amazon coming up this February (but are available for pre-order here) and will be the first in an annual series, so keep your eyes open and your #sk8face ready…because it could be your turn next!


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