Dublers PC Pants Pants Revolution Tour Photos Part 1

Travis Davenport hit me up to go on a week-long skate trip to Mount Shasta with a bunch of rippers. I said yes. The top-shelf photos are in the new issue of the magazine. Enjoy these outtakes.

We left LA in the morning, picked up Man-Grom in SB, then drove north on the 101 past a bunch of gnarly wildfires. The smoke cloud was purple and brown.

Will was in the scroll hole.

We listened to the soundtrack of the hit Broadway musical Hamilton through the central valley. It was the first and only time I have listened to showtunes on a skate trip.

We spent the night in Santa Cruz and met up with Byron in SF. After breakfast sandwiches, we skated the sunset and Tom filmed sideways follow runs out the Muir van.

We hit up the flower shop bowl and Will let his dreads fly.

Byron crail to tail. That thing is not easy to skate.

Will boneless to tail. We cruised out of here and hit up Potrero skatepark for a fun session. I left the camera in the car, grabbed my board, and watched Will and Byron go to town. Travis busted out the grill and made burgers on the deck of the bowl.

Crashed Ryka’s parents’ house in the east bay, then headed up to Shasta. This is Will Damschroeder’s excellent skate vest.

Hit up some runs in the backwoods for shady rips. This is Byron.

Tom with some weird Stevie Cab neck steez.

After a few runs we hit up the swimming hole for the post-skate chill session. Travis set up a slackline and everyone fell off it a million times.

The next day we cruised out to this run called Thumbs Up. It was a pretty dang scenic big mountain bomb.

Tom got some follow-car footage.

Cruised to a different hill further in the cuts. There was much swoopty and about a 3/10 chunder factor. Here’s Tom filming Ryka.

Will rocking the ambitious orange pants during the corner session.

It’s impossible to take a bad photo of this kid.

It took a few tries for Ryka to nail this one. The make is in the mag.

Man-grom with the no-shirt shoulder brace steez. Kid killed it.

Video shoot realities with Man-grom.

Will and Byron.

Will Damschroeder leaving some lines.

Bill Rice skating backwards.

Local Chet Bolstridge doing it big.

Part 2 coming later this week.

Watch the full Pants Pants video here:

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