Check Out Robert Burns: International AHMYO Ripper

AHMYO Alien Robert Burns tore up Skate[Slate].TV in his recent Perropro Raw Run. Even before the raw, Rob has been all over the world this year and his name has been popping up all over my feed so we had to take a chance to get to know the yung ripper more for ourselves. Please Check Out, Robert Burns.

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Hey! Stoked to finally interview you. Your name has been coming up time and time again. Can you give us full name, Rob or Robert preference, maybe Bob? And how about Age, and sponsors?

If you really want to know, my full name is Robert Henry Burns III. I prefer Rob but call me Bob or whatever you want haha. I’m 17 next month and I ride for Ahmyo Wheels, Pantheon Longboards, and my home shop SBDW!


Where is it you’re from exactly and where are you living? Facebook says Hong Kong? Please explain!

Hmm. I was born in New York City but I moved to Hong Kong when I was 9, lived back in NYC for a year in between, and now back in Hong Kong until I finish school.


Staying out of trouble.

You seem to get around a bunch. Can you tell us about some of your travels? even just the past year?

Yeah! And I am super grateful to have so many opportunities to travel around and find a way to explore the world because of my skateboard! The first trip of 2016 I went to race at Mt. Keira in Australia, it was a short but awesome trip even though I had to get pushed through immigration in a wheelchair on my way back to Hong Kong. I wasn’t able to go back to the Philippines this year but I caught everybody at the Yuping cup the week after for another interesting weekend in China. China skate trips are definitely some of my favorite. When summer started I headed to B.C. for Giants Head and Whistler but also stayed in Vancouver in-between. I headed back to New York after that, at the time my NYC homie James was moving to California. So then we drove from coast to coast, stopping in a few placed in between to visit our friends, skate some epic runs, and look at some views. I stayed in California at Skatehouse for a few weeks before going back to Hong Kong. In October the SBDW squad and myself headed to Taiwan for a week to surf, skate, and eat some dank food. I think that was it.

Broke off at Kiera

Broke off at Kiera


Yuping Cup


China runs with the Aussies


Giants Head – Lamin Cassama Photo


Whistler DH – MA Productions Photo

Road to California with James

Road to California with James

What’s it like living in Hong Kong, say to the US?

Definitely different than the US. Hong Kong really isn’t that big and makes a lot more sense haha. Very grateful to live in such a sick country and to have gotten to know it so well in the past few years. It’s kind of like if you take everything in the world and compress it into 1,000 square kilometers.

Eating Bugs In China

Eating Bugs In China

Of your travels, where are some of your favourite spots? Where would you choose to live if you had to pick one?

I think my favorite run is the VLT Super Mango Clinic road in the Philippines, shits is crazy and it’s got everything. I also love some of the runs in-between Colorado and California, some of the more hidden but-shit-your pants worthy NorCal runs, as well as the roads we found in Taiwan and have yet to find. Southern California is probably the most reasonable place to live seeing as the run are aite and I know a good amount of people there. I’ve always wanted to live in Mainland China for a bit as a challenge to try and get by but I don’t think I could do it for more than a month.

You were recently in California with Marco Palafox and Alberto Perropro Alepuz? The AHMYO Malibros footage is dope! Have you been to those spots much before?

This summer was my first time ever visiting California. I was there for quite a while so I got my fair share of off-camera runs before filming with Perropro.

Rallying with Perropro

Rallying with Perropro

You slayed your raw run? Is a place like that special rod one of your favourites? What are some of your favourite runs?

Like I said before, VLT, Cali, and Taiwan are some sick spots. Tuna is pretty special but more for it being tuna than the actual run itself.

How long have you been riding AHMYO? How do the wheels hold up with that kind of burner run?

I’ve been riding Ahmyo’s for about a year now. I think they hold up great for my sort of style. I like them because they are like less serious downhill wheels. You can take them down anything with a comfortable amount of effort, and they make sure you have fun.

What are your go to AHMYO wheels? Anything you’re particularly stoked on?

Akasha’s are pretty dope. I like a bigger, grippier “freeride” wheel thats more geared for skating fast but also having more fun.


How is it riding for for Ed Cordero? How did you get on the team?

Ed is sick and a super kind dude! SBDW started selling Ahmyo’s and Ed got in contact with me that way and I tried out some of his wheels.

You’re also riding Pantheon right? Jeff Vyain’s brand? What boards are you skating?

Ya! Pantheon has the realest designs that stay true to skateboarding in every sense of the word. They aren’t designed to make the most money or market to a non-skateboarder audience, but made to make sure you’ve got the best board under your feet to skate the best shit and make sure you don’t die. I skate the 2016 Harbinger, and I’m probably not giving it up for a while.

In Colorado with Jeff

In Colorado with Jeff

Can you give us your go to setup run down?

Pantheon Harbinger
Whatever Ahmyo’s I have on, preferably Akashas
48/35 degree split with venom tall bushings
I still use my 165mm Rey trucks, I used to ride for when before they went out of business (#vintage)
Seismic grip for sure

In Sacrament - Garret Smith Photo

In Sacrament – Garret Smith Photo

What’s next for you? Are you hitting up IDF events like the Ring of Fire that’s kicking off in the new year?

I don’t have any concrete plans yet. Hopefully I can make it to VLT in the Philippines this year and Yuping Cup, but I think It’s gonna be one or the other. I’m going back to chill at Skatehouse in California on Christmas day.

Stoked to get yo know more about you! Thanks for the interview. Famous last words? Shout outs?

Thanks for choosing to interview me Les! Shout outs to all the people that put me up and helped me out on my way around the world; Harry Clarke for pushing my wheelchair in Australia and making sure I wasn’t the only clueless white guy on Asia trips, Tony G for the couch to sleep on in Vancouver, my best to Jeff Vyain and his family for taking us in when we were in Colorado, Skatehouse homies because I slept on that couch for about a month, Tiger Surf Shop in Taiwan, James Abracadabra for exploring North America with me, SBDW Shop for always giving me a place to chill and a sick squad to explore Asia with, shouts out to 7/11 for being there every damn day, and my parents because I’m alive. Final shout out to Ed Cordero for making this happen and in general for hooking it up, thank you!