IDF News: 2017 IDF Election Candidates Announced

Earlier this winter the IDF called for nominations for the new board. There names are in and the elections will be coming up in 2017.

From the IDF:

We now know the names of the candidates to become IDF Board Members. They are 13, and there are 7 positions on the Board.

Still, even if by definition 6 of those 13 people will not get a position on the Board, we hope they will still help and contribute for the team. These are the 13 Candidates :

Federico Barboni (ITA)

Rachel Bruskoff (USA)

Max Capps (USA

Travis Davenport (USA)

Mateus Felicio (BRA)

Mike Girard (CAN)

Zak Maytum (Ex board member) (USA)

Maga Mc Whinnie (Ex board member) (PER)

Billy Meiners (USA)

10 Tamara Prader (SUI)

11 Carl Sambrano (PHI)

12 Marco Vidales (COL)

13 Max Vickers (USA)

We will post detailed information on each candidate from 2 Jan 2017.

The elections will be held online, from 13 to 15 of January 2017, through the IDF website. Only active (paying members) can vote. Each member will have to Pick 7 names within the 13. The 7 candidates who will get most «votes » will be elected Board Members. They will have then 2 weeks to set up a Board Meeting in which they will vote to elect Executive Board Members (President General Secretary, Treasurer) and non Executive Board member within themselves.

It is important that all members vote as it will be a brand new team that will lead the future of IDF. The people you will elect will need to have enough time and skills in various area (IT, maths and rankings, administrative, finance, accountancy, legal, sponsor chasing, communication, ability to speak few languages) to give to the IDF to make it run properly. So it’s not about who is the best skater, or who is the most famous, but who is gonna be able to run an organization.

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