2017 Maryhill Windwalk Music & Gravity Sports Festival Announced

The first ever Maryhill Windwalk Music and Gravity Sports Festial has been announced for September 1-3, 2017 at Maryhill Loops Road. Check out the details on their website and these words from Chris McBride:

At the turn of the century a group of intrepid street lugers followed destiny to a road leading to nowhere. Previously hidden to the world of gravity sports: Maryhill Loops Road was discovered. Built literally as an example of an epic roadway by Sam Hill in pursuit of a federal contract over a century ago, this now asphalted and privately owned, gated road remains unscathed by motor traffic. For Isaac Newton’s most extreme acolytes, this is paved nirvana. Amidst the rolling, golden hills of Eastern Washington, the pioneering lugers found themselves overlooking the Columbia River Gorge unaware of how this discovery would attract the world. Gravity sports found its Mecca. It became the trial ground for any downhill racing enthusiast. The pilgrimage to Maryhill is a rite of passage for young men and women seeking to find themselves on the black curves of fate. It has remained an epicenter of greatness due to consistent upsets and battles for the podium. Maintaining the tradition of discovering the world’s one true downhill champion, 2017 will be no exception. Racers will be tested as dreams become reality at their competition’s expense. People from all over the world of all ages and disciplines will fight for the podium that rises above the rest: Maryhill.

Street Lounge Productions is proud to introduce the first annual Maryhill Windwalk: a Music and Gravity Sports Festival happening throughout Labor Day weekend (September 1-3, 2017).

For the first time ever, there will be a multi-location music festival in conjunction with the downhill race. During the day, festival goers, spectators, and racers will migrate to the hill for the competition and party. They will be met with music, drinks, and the one helluva show. Ukrainian music producer, DJ EMZY will join other performers as they keep the party going for three whole days! When the day at the hill ends, everyone will return to the city of Goldendale for an epic after party, music performance, food, drinks, and countless other shenanigans will be found at the festival ground: especially the party. The city of Goldendale has embraced the wild graviteers for years has now agreed to help execute this groovy, music and gravity fueled undertaking in conjunction with Street Lounge Productions and the race.

Maryhill always attracted a wide spectrum of skill levels, all with the desire to push themselves in competition. Unique to Maryhill Windwalk 2017, there will be a tiered structure for the traditionally Open Skateboard competition. Two separate 96-man brackets will race for two separate podiums with different potential rewards. The Pro Class will race for a cash prize pool. Amateur Class will race for prize packs full of swag provided by sponsors. This division of classes has been made to accommodate new or casual racers while maintaining the pureness and safety of higher level competition. Registering racers will have the option to chose one of these classes but are not allowed to compete in both.

Other racing classes include: Groms (under 13), Juniors (under 16), Women’s, Master’s (Over 40), Inline Skate, Gravity Bikes as well as Trikes, and lastly Classic and Street Luge. No expected changes are to occur with the traditional format of these races. It has been a while since Gravity Bikes have raced the track, and it will be the first time Trikes will officially compete alongside the more traditional urethane classes. Every class (except groms) must have at least six competitors to race. Registration will open early 2017.

Please visit or the Facebook event page @MaryhillWindwalk for up to date information and coverage.


This year we will offer two classes in the Open Skateboard Category; Pro and Amateur. The Pro classes will cost $250, with $50 go into a prize fund. The Amateur class will be $200, but will not be eligible for the prize money. Riders will choose which category they would like to race during registration.
Pro Skateboard

The pro skateboard class is open to skaters 13 or older. Entry fee is $250
Amateur Skateboard

The am class is open to skaters 13 or older. Entry fee is $200
Women’s Skateboard

The women’s class is open to female skaters 13 or older. Entry fee is $200
Junior Skateboard

Junior skateboard is open to everyone older than 12 and 16 or younger. Entry fee is $150
Grom Skateboard

Grom class is open to everyone under the age of 13. Entry fee is $100
Master’s Skateboard

Master’s is open to everyone 40 and older. Entry fee is $200
Street Luge, Classic Luge, Gravity Bike, Inline, Drift Trikes

These classes are open to everyone 13 or older. Entry fee is $200


Thursday, Aug 31

9:00 – 5:00 On site registration
Friday, Sep 1

8:00 – 5:00 On site registration
8:30 Riders meeting
8:50 First uplift leaves
9:00 – 5:00 Practice
Saturday, Sep 2

8:30 Riders meeting
8:50 First uplift leaves
9:00 – 11:00 Practice
11:00 – 5:00 Race to Qualify
? – 5:00 Time permitting, practice
Sunday, Sep 3

8:30 First uplift leaves
8:45 – 9:30 Warmup
9:30 – 5:00 Racing

**Is this the fall freeride?

No, this is not the fall freeride. The fall freeride will take place Sep 23&24. See Maryhill Ratz for more info.

Please visit or the Facebook event page @MaryhillWindwalk for up to date information and coverage.