Max [Squared] Make IDF skate again! 2017 IDF Election Feat. Max Capps & Max Vickers

Every two years the International Downhill Federation elects a new team team of board members to lead the organization for the coming world cup series. This year’s election is fast approaching with the announcement of the 13 candidates just being released on the IDF website and their statements set to be released on January 2nd. There are a number of new roles available as the IDF’s current executive board members are not planning to run again. But the question stands, who are the individuals that will guide the IDF for the coming years?

We received some intel that Max Vickers and Max Capps will be running for this year’s board and got a little sneak peak into their campaign.

Building the foundation of what is to come. We hope to bring the community together so that events will thrive and racing can continue to grow in the future.

Keep your eyes on the present but focus on sustainability in the long run.

Every detail is important and should be communicated to riders so that the IDF stays transparent to its members.

Stay on top of current trends and find ways to relate to the next generation of riders.

Voting will be held from January 13th to 15th and all IDF members are eligible to vote.

The Maxs are passionate with a portfolio of experiences and will do their best to continue to grow the IDF and Downhill Racing.

More details on the 2017 IDF Elections and candidates here.