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Dublers PC Pants Pants Revolution Tour Photos Part 2

Picking up from the Pants Pants revolution Tout Part 1 post…. Travis Davenport hit me up to go on a week-long skate trip to Mount Shasta with a bunch of rippers. I said yes. The top-shelf photos are in the last issue of the magazine. Enjoy these outtakes part 2.

Morgan Owens leading Zach Wolf and Tom down a seriously sick road deep off in the back woods.

Moments later, Mangrom.

Chet with the road rash taped up.

Ryka has really great skate-face. He looks like he’s about to die 100% of the time. I like seeing people go for it.

Bill Rice’s willingness to skate real fast and do standup slides in shorts with no pads is one of many reasons he’s a pro skateboarder and I’m not.

We did some follow-filming. Here’s Tom’s suction cup setup and Morgan sending it.

The right hand corners on this road had nice light. Ryka with the quality half-shell-approved skate face.

Chet just chilling.

Morgan was riding some wheels so mids that you can see the urethane spraying off them.

Byron with the PC helmet and a switch check.

Will bringing up the rear.


Patrick squatting for the shawtys.

As the sun started setting, the pack runs got tighter.

Ryka with the steez.

Chet keeping it casual.

I live for this moment when the sun hits the corner just right and the homie is ripping.

Australia put down the camera got some ‘drenelum.

When Bill Rice gives u this look.

More follow filming.

This road was crazy. It dipped and swerved all over the place and made no sense.

Kinda hard to show the banking here, but it looked fun.

Bill up, over, and down.

Byron with the distortion.

Man-grom rocking the floral.

Byron switch check for the camera.

Behind the scenes skate video lifestyle realness.

Huge thanks to Travis and Push Culture for bringing me on the trip. Check the mag for the full story.

Check out Part 1 here.

Watch the full Pants Pants video here:

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