2017 Ultraskate // January 16, 2017 at Homestead-Miami Speedway, Florida

The 2017 Ultraskate begins January 16, 2017 at Homestead-Miami Speedway in Homestead, Florida. Details on the event are below and registration information is available at :

Ultraskate at the Homestead-Miami Speedway is a 24-hour push race designed to test your endurance as an athlete. Skate a little, or skate a lot! Experienced riders consecutively skate for 24 hours with minimal breaks (and none for sleeping!) and a good choice of nutrition. The race begins at 0900 sharp and ends exactly 24 hours later. Three meals are provided at select intervals, and water is also readily available. The race uses the outer most oval path and pit road as its track. The loop measures 1.46 miles; skated counter-clockwise featuring asphalt on turns 1, 2, 3, and 4 and smooth concrete on the pit road. Participants may compete as an individual skateboarder; stand up paddle skateboarder, or as a 4-person relay team.

Ultraskate was conceived in May of 2007 when a few now-notable names in distance skateboarding drummed up attention for the event. It placed its mark in the world in the Pacific North West, where the original records were set at Greenlake Park’s 2.8-mile loop in Seattle, Washington. Since then, the popularity of the event has reached every corner of the world. Participants travel for miles to put their hearts and souls into a 24-hour consecutive skateboard push race – in Florida, the Netherlands, and soon to be New Zealand. 2016 brought about some entirely unfathomable distances at both the United States and Dutch Ultraskate events: Andy Andras with the men’s record at 309 miles, and Roseanne De Lange with the women’s record at 221 miles. There are 3 skaters in the 300-mile club, 10 in the 250-mile club, and 50 in the 200-mile club. With the 2017 Ultraskate on the horizon, competitors are gearing up to try their best push at beating these records.

Registration for Ultraskate requires a membership in the IDSA – International Distance Skateboarding and Supercross Association, which can be joined in a one-time fee, or a yearly membership. Members of the IDSA can register as:

Individual Stand Up Paddle: $100 Pit Crew: $30
Individual Skateboarder: $100

Team: $100 per skater

Once registered, you will receive your timing bracelet and other necessary gear at check- in at the Speedway on January 16th.

The Homestead-Miami 24-hour Ultra Skate recognizes and awards participants for distance benchmarks (Individual)- 100 miles, 200 miles, 250 miles and 300 miles.

There are awards for the top 3 in overall best distance Men, overall best distance Women, overall best distance Stand Up Paddle, best distance 13 & under, 14-18, 19-29, 30-39, 40-49, and 50+.

Race Schedule:
0700 – Check in/Registration- Event T-shits, Meal bracelet and an ankle bracelet-timing chip will be given. (Timing chip has to be returned after Race) If you don’t wear it your laps won’t count. DO NOT remove it on a break, forget it and then skate uncounted laps. They will not add the laps to the system.
0900 – Riders meeting and race start.
0900 (next-day) – Race End. Gather belongings and make way to podium for awards ceremony following shortly after. Transportation is not provided from the track after the race.

Getting into Homestead Speedway:

On event day you will drive your vehicle to Gate 18 located on Palm Drive ( S.W. 344 St.) and check in with gate guard.
On the infield of the speedway you may set up your camp and park you car in the Mechanic bays on pit road. They are covered garage bays that are open front and back. The mechanic bays have power outlets. You may bring any essentials you may need to survive 24 hours of skateboarding. Campers and tents are also allowed on the property during the event.

Entry is free for friends, family and fans.


There will be 3 catered meals provided for riders. Lunch, Dinner and breakfast the next morning. This will be simple meals that will not provide nowhere near the calories you will burn. Bring additional food and snacks for yourself. You will not make it 24 hours on these three meals. A good rule of thumb to follow is 300 calories of food and 32 ounces of water consumed per hour.


Water cooler will be provided for you to fill your own bottle or Camelbak. It’s up to you to bring electrolyte drinks or additives. Energy drinks DO NOT work for Ultraskates. Please do not drink them. Those ignoring this might find out why.

Etiquette on the Course:

1. Ultra Skate is a sanctioned Skate IDSA event and follow all the rules set by the IDSA. Any questions of what equipment my be allowed then referred to and look under Official Rules.
2. If you’re out on the track skating, you’re wearing a helmet. NO EXCEPTIONS

3. Your distance skated is counted by full laps completed. If time expires and you did not complete the final lap it will not count.
4. Support crew can ride with you around the course and hand you food and water at anytime during the event as long as support crew is staying out of the way of other riders and not pulling or assisting you to move forward in any physical way.

5. Please keep the track clean. There are trashcans on pit road. If we are badass enough to skate for 24 hours then we can hold our trash for 1.46 miles. We are guests here at Homestead Speedway, let’s be respectful. NO ALCOHOL or GLASS

BOTTLES allowed on the riding course.
6. Treat the Ultra-skate as personal quest more than a race. You will go though a lot during a 24-hour period. This event will challenge you physically and emotionally. This event can be as intense as you make it. We all have our milestones that we are trying to reach but listen to your body and skate within you ability. Your health is the top priority here. Race directors my pull you from the track if there is any concern of safety.

Please visit the IDSA at for information on the league and rules of the league, and for more information on the event plus links to register!