Aera Trucks New K5 Release

Kevin Reimer has been running game on the DH scene for some time now with some serious gangsta lean he has been developing and perfecting over years of top performance and collaborating with the best riders in the scene. Peep the new release for the Aera K5 – out now!

From Aera Trucks:

Aera Trucks has been in business producing the best, and most successful downhill and freeride trucks on the market since 2009. We focus on simplicity, and lighter products whenever possible, and find that the best truck is the one with the least gimmicks or additional parts. Our trucks are race proven with the most World Champions on our team in the industry, and are regarded as some of the most fun and flowing trucks to ride for freeride as well. Aera Trucks – Simply the best.

The K5 is the newest truck from Aera Trucks, and by far the most advanced to date, and has already proven itself under 2016 IDF World Series Champion Carlos “Guto” Paixão.



When trying to out-do the best truck ever made, that has the most race wins, or slide jam podiums we had to go all the way back to start and focus on the details. The K5 is now narrower than our previous hangers and offers a host of more grip- oriented widths going from 164mm up to 184mm. Both the hanger and the baseplate have been optimized through load, material, and CAD testing to be stiffer, and more durable, and allow for more grip on the track. It truly is all in the details of the baseplate and hanger, where we’ve optimized the shape, hole structure, and angles to produce a truck that is almost 30% stiffer and more rigid than our previous models.

Further to development we’ve created an entirely new pivot and pivot cup system that significantly reduces slop, is more durable, and acts as a small suspension damper for up and down movement, while restricting side to side hanger movement to a minimum. The K5 will ship with the new Hardcore Bushings, which feature a SkateOne patented bonded insert that further improves precision and rebound of the truck. We’ve worked hard on this one, and are confident it is the best truck on the market today.

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