AGENDA Show in Long Beach Photos

Two days before the start of the AGENDA Show in Long Beach, CA, I decided to jump in the Subsonic Skateboards van with Bradley Cameron at the helm for a 1000+ mile road trip south for the AGENDA Show in Long Beach, CA. For those not in the know, the AGENDA Show is a trade show for the skateboard and lifestyle fashion industry where brands and retailers converge. The January showing is typically poppin. There are buyers, brands, investors, distributors, and various media all wearing different colored wristbands so people can get as much business done with the people they need to to kick off the year in time for the season. In addition to the whole business side, there are heaps of fresh gear, entertaining exhibits, pro skateboarders, lurking lurkers, highly groomed stylish pretty people, and (of course) strongly priced food and beer (some of it quiet good, but not all). In sum, it was a lot to take in over a short time and I am  fortunate to have photos-to-recall it all.

Starting the drive in the Pacific Northwest meant starting in the wee hours of the morning and driving through snow for the Subsonic van on the #gonecorporatetour to Agenda. This would Bradley’s first trade show. Sam Galus was on board as well and came down to experience the show and hit some hills in Malibu before missing his first day of college for the year (well done Sam!). We hit some traffic along the way and we were completely stopped at one point. Sam got out to stretch his legs a bit.

Sam Galus ollies among stopped traffic.

After crossing into California, we visited a Mt. Shasta viewpoint, which was nostalgic for Bradley and Sam and reminded them of a previous road trip south.

Sam Galus snaps a photo on his film camera.

Bradley Cameron was happy to drive hours on end with one windshield wiper in operation.

Sleeping quarters for the first night.

Bradley and Sam switched off driving late into the night and parked in a strip mall parking lot in LA. We woke up late on the first day of the Show, missing the lunch at Famous Dave’s where a bunch of longboard industry heads go to talk about some realness. It’s okay, because there was plenty going on inside AGENDA and that’s what we were here for!

Let’s play “Where’s Waldo?” with the Subsonic van.

The barriers outside of the show all pretty much looked like this.

We showed up, rather un-fasionably, late.

Street course outside the trade show.

Upon entering the Agenda Show, I just happened to see the Thrasher Skater of the Year, Kyle Walker, talking with Jamie Thomas. Welcome to Agenda.

Herschel Supply Co. display.

Much hats, much art.

These clowns circled round the Agenda town, receiving frowns that were upside down.

Outside of the Vans exhibit, Steve Van Doran, son of one of the brothers who created Vans, poses for pictures. As it turns out Steve made waffles the whole day and typically makes food for skaters and fans at events and gatherings.

As far as ‘core longboard’ exhibits, there were much fewer than last year. Many companies were represented by their people on the floor, but just didn’t have an exhibit. I went and checked out Sector 9 to see what’s new and was welcomed by friends, familiar faces and a ton of stoke. (It was also Louis Birthday. HBD!)

The Sector 9 boys are letting the good vibes roll this year.

An “L” tool, instead of a T tool, with an adjustable wrench size for both kingpins and axles.

Sector Nine Lumithane is their glow in the dark urethane wheels with LED cores.

Colored hardware that happen to be the colors of the Rastafarian flag.

These pucks are rounded, which help you slide through big cracks and rough pavement more easily.

Cool graphics. One question, though. What are the Fingers of Morning Breath?

One of Shaun Ross’s Pro Model boards.

Next, I headed over to see our friends at Landyachtz. They had a classy wood grain look to their exhibit.

Landyachtz crew candid.

Incorporating wood grain into their boards was a good idea. This double kick is the Perfecto in their Urban Series.

San Francisco legend, David Price, shows off the Hollowtech series board, the Stratus Super Flex. Looks like a versatile board for dancing and freeriding.

The LY Snow snowskate is one to try out if you live in a snowy area. They rip.

Papa President and editor of Skate Slate, Les Robertson, flew from Vancouver into LA earlier in the day and was at the show. He called me and told me to come outside and join him at a table. He was sitting with Steve Van Doran of Van’s Shoes, longboarder Levi Green, photographer Ian Logan, and OG skater Cindy Whitehead of Girl is Not a Four Letter Word. Even with all the hustle going on AGENDA is also big for seeing friends and catching up on life.

Cheers and beers with Ian Logan, Cindy Whitehead, Les Robertson, Levi Green, and Steven Van Doran (L-R).

Outside the Agenda Show, Les and I ran into Aera Trucks bossman Kevin Reimer and hung out with him for a while. They’re dropping some new trucks you should check out.


We ended up staying at the Queen Mary hotel, a boat docked permanently in a harbor in Long Beach.

This picture was in our room. Les loved it.

The bath had options for salt water in addition to fresh water.

Push the shank to flush the toilet.

We rounded the night off, hanging out on the top deck, watching some drunk fools climbing the towers and somehow not getting caught by security.

Our view for the night. Pretty decent for the cheapest available room we could find near by.

The next day, I visited the other exhibits I didn’t see the the day before. There were so many booths in the trade show, you could get lost without looking at the signs for the isles hanging from the ceiling. Two days really wasn’t enough.

This artist for RVCA used the brand name as brush strokes for this awesome display.

Randy the Cobbler from Arizona takes skate shoes and resoles them with more comfy soles, making them more like boots.

Ivy boards are handmade in Minnesota and deserve a nod from us. Dudes were rad and planning to give away boards in Mexico this summer as part of a charitable adventure they’re headed on.

I checked out Madrid’s exhibit, including Venom skate products, Cadillac Wheels, Valhalla and Remember Collective boards and wheels. Madrid had some cool stuff exhibiting their skate history from the 80’s. Their boards were used in the Back to the Future movies! Zak Maytum, who graces Skate Slate’s most recent cover bombing down the Mt. Baldy Spillway, was there with Justin Rouleau, who shot the photo on the cover.

Zak Maytum and the new Anvil, which he used to bomb the Mt. Baldy spillway. Justin Rouleau with his cover photo. A blown up version of the cover was on display. Which was super rad to see.

Zak Maytum and Justin Rouleau’s pro model boards, the Anvil and the Trapstar.

The Bubbler demonstration. Blowing bubbles is just one possibility with this design.

The Bubbler bowl piece in the kingpin.

Remember Collective has a whole assortment of duros and shapes for wheels. And they just colour coded their durometers. Don’t forget.

The skateboards for the Back to the Future movies were made by Madrid Skateboards. This is the Hover Board from Back to the Future Part II.

The Venom bushing guide chart is extremely useful.

After hitting the big companies in the longboard industry, Les and I checked out some others.

If you are a graphic designer or know fonts, you will get the joke.

Aluminate boards are like a really popular plastic board you’ve seen people cruise around on, but they’re more sustainably made of recycled aluminum and hold endless bright graphic options. Metal.

Need a day off?

Please tell me what they are selling.

Hurt Life boards use some old school tattoo inspired artwork for their graphics.

H-Street is still making boards I guess.

Low Card mag had their lil’ buddy to skate on.

Footprint Insoles make a pad similar to G-form material that you can attach to the inside of your clothing for covert impact protection. Haven’t tried them, but the insoles themselves are a must and their new shoe technology looks like it will be incredible.

Stella likes beer.

Homie Fer Bailleres is also the buyer for Longboard Mexico store in Monterrey. He had a sweet Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles T-shirt made by Trip House Co.

When I was finished checking out exhibits and it was time to eat, Les and I went to check out the Dubliner across from the convention centre. On the way we ran into Nathan from DB Longboards and chatted with him for a while. Anna O’Neill and Ken Leigh from Landyachtz were working on curbing their hangover on the outdoor patio area. We met with the folks from Loaded and Paris Trucks for some tacos (at an Irish Pub) and beers. It’s surprising how much actually done over food and drinks at the show every year. Ultimately, AGENDA brought us together in one place and it’s not likely that any one event in the industry otherwise does such a good job at nailing down all the heads of skate.

Check out the new vlogs from Brandon Desjarlais for some video from the event and an interview with Les Robertson from the show when Brandon ran into him and a few of the other brand personalities that were lurking about.

I finished my time at Agenda by drinking blonde Chimay with good people before our sober driver, Bradley Cameron, gave Les a ride to the airport for his flight back to Vancouver. Sam Galus stayed in LA area to skate with friends and flew home later. I stayed in the van with Bradley Cameron and he drove the van safely back into the Pacific Northwest over the next few days.

That’s it for now. I’m still beat and sorting it all out as we finish the 2016 Photo Annual and get going on all the plans for 2017.

Happy New Year!