IDF NEWS: Elections Candidates

As you may know, the IDF elections will take place on the IDF website from January 13 till Jan 15 @ 22:00 CET Time. This page will list all candidates who will run to be elected for an IDF Board of Directors position for the next 2 years.

You will choose 7 out of the 13 presented candidates. Don’t forget that running a non-for-profit Federation requires more than just offering an opinion, it means “DOING” and “MAKING “things happen through hard work not just “networking” and offering “media”.

Please consider these subject when voting:

  • Consider what continent/country the candidates are from. We need a Director from each corner of the globe.
  • Event organisation experience
  • Amount of hours they have available to work for the IDF
  • Legal, Finance/Accountancy, I.T, Data manipulation and web knowledge
  • Marketing, Communication, Design and graphic skills
  • Electronics and timing system
  • International sensitivity and diplomatic skills
  • Transparency, Integrity, Intelligence

Encourage your fellow members to VOTE ! Please don’t vote for your favourite or the most popular skater, vote for the candidates that will work and allow you to race in the best conditions. Vote for candidates who will be able to report their actions to the community because they are transparent and organised. Feel free to reach out to them and ask the hard questions. This is an very IMPORTANT milestone for the future growth of Downhill Gravity Racing.

Click each profile to see who each candidate is, what drives them and what they would like to ‘achieve’, when elected.

Candidates are listed alphabetically by first name.

Voting on IDF Website.