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IDF 2017 Election Candidate: Maga McWhinnie #ChooseMaga #IDFDecides

The real M.A.G.A, Maga McWhinnie, aspiring Jedi master tells us about her last term on the IDF board and why it’s important to pick a strong team to carry on the stoke spreading. #ChooseWisely #ChooseMaga

Dear Maga, how are you?
Very good and you?

Listening to good tunes, looking up into the sun.
Good band hey! They are in the shop playlist, too.

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What songs best describe your 2016?
Tricky question! I’ll have to randomly pick from my massive list of songs of the shop playlist (which we play everyday). It has to be a classic then: a Space Oddity! It’s the first song that comes into my head.

How was your year?
Pretty good, very busy but I manage to keep a balance through it.

swiss alps by rob mcwhinnie

What things are you trying to balance?
I think everything in life should have a bit of a balance like a Ying Yang.
Work was really full on for the whole year but, I managed to keep balance while I also travelled with my dear husband every now and then. I skated as much as I could andspent time with my family and friends in Peru and Australia.  Also kept myself healthy and assisted the IDF as much as I could.

What new things did you experience?
We got a new place again! We’re settled down in Sydney (Redfern) and it happened to be on top of my work! Ha. I can leave 1 minute before I start. Got to travel to skate events but instead of racing, I was the person on the other side of the event, running the racing system. I also had my first paid holiday!

You must really love Basement!
I do! I’ve seen it evolving and being part of it makes me really proud and happy, like my little baby. My job essentially aims to spread the stoke of skating! How good is that? We are getting everyone in Sydney on a board.

You didn’t race at all last year?
Only at the start of the year, at Mt Keira.

keira by rob mcwhinnie

Is it tough, watching from the sidelines?
I was wishing and also very tempted to skate, yes! At the same time, I was so focused on how everything was flowing and when issues happened, I would suddenly be in a race against a machine. That was as tough as racing on a super tight heat, except this time my friends were on the line depending on it.

Is the timing system really that big a headache?
Not when every part of it is operating as it should. It’s takes a bit to get familiar with but, practice and experience helps a lot! And by experience, I mean also learning from issues/problems so you can anticipate them next time.

Since this equipment is a bit fragile and it travels around the world and is used by different people, it could get damaged or disconnected (like antenna cables) and create problems. That’s what could give you a big headache.

the philo crew

What races did you officiate?
I did Karera sa Lumban in the Philippines on my own, for the first time with this system. My notes, my new knowledge on it and a direct phone line to Colin and Robbo for emergency. I also went to Kozakov Challenge.

What happened at Kozakov?
At Kozakov we had some serious issues with the radios, they were not synchronising and so they were messing around with the Qualifications. We tried many different ways until we managed to record at least 2 full times with us driving up and down synchronising the radios manually. Later, we found out that the issue was the Antenna cable .

How did you surmount the issues you faced?
I tried to anticipate them, by trying the system first on my own in my hotel room with cables all around my bed then on the hill before the event. Always have backup cables and instruments! If issues happen in the middle of an event, I try to to restart, focus and go through all that I learnt, in my head. If those issues persist, I call my 000 direct line: Robbo, Colin and Koma for advice. At least, that’s how I faced it last year, but from every issue I took notes and remember how I solved it – for future reference.

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“the evolution of IDF and Downhill Skateboarding is something that I’m passionate about.”

Why did you decide to help the IDF?
IDF and the evolution of IDF and Downhill Skateboarding is something that I’m also passionate about. If I can be part and contribute to it then, it’s a great pleasure. It could be hard or time consuming sometimes but the great results are worth it.

What was your official IDF title?
I was part of the Director’s Board, joining the other great people that were part of it.

by Ck Photography Redbull no paws downI thought nobody from the old board was running in this election!
Koma, Colin, Lee and Robbo are the ones that are not running. They are also the ones with more experience and knowledge though. The Jedis of IDF.

Did you enjoy helping out?
Yes, of course! It’s quite exciting. Yes, we go through good and bad times but you try as much as you can to do as much as possible to make things work for riders, events and dh skateboard racing. It also taught me so much about how to run such a big organisation and connect me with amazing people and communities around the world.

by Fjr Romero in philippines

Did you learn anything about the industry/community?
Yes and I’m still learning more not just through IDF but through work too.

In Koma’s interview, a majority of people he thanked were Aussie. Is ASRA really that instrumental?
ASRA as an association that started so long ago, were in charge on the majority of events and races involving Slalom and Downhill Skateboarding. In Australia and also in major World Cup events, they did a great job.
The technicality of their work, their system and the super crew of Jedi Masters behind it, were some of the foundations of IDF. I think Haggy, Robbo and Bugs were in IDF with Koma from the very start of it.


What’s the transition plan from Jedis to New ninjas?
Find the Force inside us! Haha.

Luckily for the new ninjas, these Jedis will be around, partly involved for guidance. Hopefully these New Ninjas can become  a great team to work with and bring much from their own experiences to the board and, later become Jedis.

“We (the IDF) are in a transition of major things a the moment, and I want to keep contributing while I can… ”

Why have you decided to run for the board, this year?
I learnt so much from our current board and, through these 2 years, we’ve been working for major goals that we still need to achieve. If I leave, I would never finish helping achieving these goals and, I still want to contribute! I think we are in a transition of major things a the moment, and I want to keep contributing while I can to it.
Even if I don’t get elected, I will still try to get involved and support.

2 years, already! Seems like yesterday when we spoke about you joining the board. Have you had the impact you hoped for?
Time flies hey… Partly I think they are some many things yet to accomplish.

SGS photography – Riley O’Toole

“Even if I don’t get elected, I will still try to get involved and support.”

This year, we have 3 women running – is that significant?
Of course! I’m excited for these ladies running for it, as much as I am for the rest of the boys. I don’t just appreciate them for their gender but, for what they bring to the board. I happen to know these 2 ladies; Rachel, I met a couple of years ago during racing/skate trips, she is a great girl involved with many projects regarding the female scene.

I’ve known Tamara even longer. We’ve shared so much and have lots of things in common. I invited her to run because she is a very bright person with so much experience through her work  as an architect (as architects, we are taught to be directors in a construction development). She’s also been the director of many international skateboarding projects. She has also given great assistance and got involved with IDF before she even decided to run as candidate.

by ryan nicholls

Did having a female director make any difference to the women of longboarding?
I hope for positive changes. I tried to create a network, media and exposure for the female racing scene which needs it to happen. The female scene is a small proportion of the whole scene but also very significant. I find it really important to expose this side of the scene for many different reasons and one of them is also to invite more ladies to come and join racing and gain experience through it. It is the safest way to push yourself and progress in DH skateboarding.

Li Lu photo

One of biggest problems is marketing DH skating – to the community & sponsors – how will you tackle this, if you’re elected?
We need to  search for a  professional with experience in this subject. We’ve reached a point when ideas and good will from volunteers is not enough and the sport deserves a full time professional to target these issues. We are already chasing this purpose.

“We’ve reached a point when ideas and goodwill from volunteers is not enough ”

What other difference do you hope to make, if elected?
AS A TEAM, I hope we can all work together with the foundations of the previous years and finish accomplishing all these goals we set to reach. I also hope that each individual can bring so much from their own perspective, experience and knowledge and these new ideas should apply in any subject regarding improving; the development of events, the number of riders assisting, the way events are run, the media exposure this scene needs and the communication between: riders, organisers and the IDF.

“#ChooseWisely #ChooseMaga”

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If you’re elected, who will you choose as President?
I will decide this after… when I get to see the options.

How does #MagaMcWinning sound as a campaign slogan?
Haha, it’s terrible! You are making me sound like I’m running for mayor or president! This isn’t a one person election, it’s a board/team election, so it should be #ChooseWisely.

“I hope we can all work together with the foundations of the previous years and finish accomplishing all these goals we set to reach.”

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#ChooseWisely, #ChooseMaga?
Haha….this now sounds like Trump’s Campaign M.A.G.A  :( he stole my nickname.

I should become now Magalita.

Why should the undecided voter reading this, pick Maga?
Well, I would not just push Maga but pick a good team. Think what they can bring, their background, their experience, their connections and their willingness to work hard for great things.

“This isn’t a one person election, it’s a team election”

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Are you back with any of your old sponsors?
I became my own sponsor!

When is Team MAMA C*NT reuniting?
Wow this team needs a reunion… don’t know when, but it will happen soon, I trust in the magic of surprise.

#MagaMcWINNING. Thanks for spending this hot summer night chatting to the man on the internet. It’s always a pleasure to pick your brain. Good luck in this weekend’s elections!
Thank you, mysterious man on the other side of the screen. You do always make me a bit nervous with so many deep questions lately haha. It gets my Spanish flowing in my brain while my English goes back to preschool level!

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Any last words?
Yes . Thank you Jedi Masters! You guys are legends and  great inspiration.



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