Kebbek Skateboards Presents the BMS Arico – El Bueno Freeride in Tenerife, March 20-24th

Kebbek Skateboards turns 25 this year and is going to be celebrating in style, at a Freeride in Tenerife! That’s right, Kebbek Skateboards has once again partnered with Europe’s premier event group BIGMOUNTAINSKATE to title the new El Bueno 5-day Freeride coming March 20th-24th, 2017.

El Bueno has all our attention as the event to kick off 2017. BIG MOUNTAINSKATE has a reputation of hosting some of the best events in the world, and this freeride in Tenerife will be no exception. Tenerife is a very special place and this is a landmark event. We are excited to announce the partnership with Kebbek Skateboards as the title sponsor in particular because we know Kebbek is bringing the fun. Last year, Kebbek brought wildly games and challenges to KnK, which had everyone talking (and a few puking). This year is no exception as they are celebrating their 25th anniversary, it’s an event to celebrate.

Once again, Kebbek will host the Core a Set, Get a set challenge. The name speaks for itself. You buy a set of wheels (30 euros) and if you can core them, you get a fresh set. Last year KnK ran for 2 weeks and we’ve heard nobody cored a single set of Kebbek Wheels! Come on people, get your shit together! This year they made it easy on you and have a 78A in the line-up, and apparently, the pavement chews wheels at El Bueno. So eat your Wheaties and make mom and dad proud. You better be going home this time with a necklace of cores.

*travel tip* because Tenerife is an island, you are forced to fly, meaning lugging wheels there could be expensive…this might just save you some serious cash getting them at the event!

Unfortunately, while they won’t be doing Wheel of Misfortune again unfortunately, as that is reserved for KnK, and nothing is disclosed yet for the Apre-shred activities, but you can bet they will bring the fun to this event, so stay tuned. What we do know is that they will premier the new Kebbek Better Weather Tour video featuring Emmanuelle Daigle, Juergen Gritzner, Isac Printz, and Benjamin Sabol as well as guest appearances by Matt K. Kebbek has been crushing their larger project films (we are still stoked on Lost in Havana!) so we know this film is going to be great! The crew headed off to explore after being rained out at Almabtrieb and was blessed with, well, better weather, and took advantage of sunny skaies and dry roads.

While Tenerif can be a bit of trek for some to get to, it is definitely low cost once you get there with all kinds of skaters to share, cheap beer and smokes and endless runs once you have your entry. So save your pennies and get to this event! What more could you want? Tropical destination, over a 3km track, hotel, beach…. get there!

About the event:

At the end of March 2017, when Europe is still covered in cold snow, we will head to Tenerife, a downhill skateboarding
paradise located off the coast of Morocco. This will be the fi rst ever downhill skateboarding event on this sunny and warm island, the ultimate paradise for a fantastic week of skating.

The track up to the village El Bueno is just perfect for this freeride event. It incorporates many corners, a smooth pavement and the breathtaking views over the Atlantic Ocean and the neighbouring island La Gomera.

Accommodation will be provided by ECOVILLACLUB apartments, fully booked by BigMountainSkate for the event attendants only. The hotel is near the beach with a perfect surf spot for morning and evening sessions.

More details and registration here.

Be sure to check out for more from Kebbek and further updates about the 25th Anniversary year here.