The Skate House Is Now a Skate Mansion

As some of you already know, the physical location of the LA Skate House ( has moved. The landlord wasn’t renewing their lease at the old location, so most of the housemates moved to a bigger location, closer to the hills. Here is a quick little update.

The first Los Angeles skate house was James Kelly and Louis Pilloni living in a two-bedroom apartment around 2006. Around 2009, Max Dubler, Brian Peck, and Matt K moved in and was started. In 2011, they moved into the house that has been known as the Skate House. All of the housemates had moved out except for Max. Now that Max has turned 30, he has moved in with his boyfriend. All the rest of the housemates moved to the new location. Skate House Media is still a thing, but it’s under re-construction right now.

The housemates signed a lease and started moving in just before the end of the 2016. I’m not sure how so many young skaters landed such a nice, big house. We all can easily assume it was a frat house or something. In fact, when these new tenants arrived, there was a broken bong, two quarter pipes making a less than ideal mini-ramp, a beer pong table, and a broken pool table still lying around. So, yeah, probably a frat house. Another rumor as to how these young men landed this house was that one of the previous tenants died in the house. It’s got some private bedrooms and some less private bed areas with eight people living there.

Skate Mansion in LA.

Let’s meet some of the housemates of the Skate Mansion.

Daniel MacDonald

Daniel MacDonald at the front door.

Dan was featured in Skate Slate a while back with this mean photo surfing through the fastest section of #2gnar. #dublerphoto

I didn’t get the chance to talk with him for too long, but he seems to like order and was suggesting various rules for glass wear, in order to prevent breakage. He’s got a big room on the first floor and works with Sucrose Wheels as their brand manager. He also works at the Arbor Venice store.

Austin Pedroni

Here is an old FB proflie pic of Austin’s that doesn’t make him look like an ax murderer at all.

Austin Pedroni made it in the latest issue of Skate Slate Issue 32. #dublerphoto

Austin lives on the first floor as well. He’s originally from Philadelphia but then found downhill while going to school in Ithaca, New York. He also seems like he’s the type of guy to help make the house function. He gave me the tour.

Zach Keller

Zach Keller with old yeller, Kalil’s dog.

Zach skates #2gnar in this #dublerphoto

Zach is from the SK8 PHX crew in Arizona and moved into the skate house last year. Les Robertson interviewed Zach Keller about moving to California. He seems to be shooting photos and videos so keep your eyes out.

Kalil Hammouri

Kalil Hammouri, as his current FB profile pic depicts.

To see Kalil skate, check out this Kalil Hammouri – Raw Wednesdays video

I didn’t get the chance to see Kalil at the house during my brief visit, but I’ve met him before and hung out in Mexico. He’s got a sweet sun room on the second floor. He’s a longboarder and snowboarder from SLC, Utah area (the SL,UT crew) and a chill dude. He has a dog at the skate house so don’t mess around.

James Abravaya

James Abravaya, looking hard as F. F stands for Flowers of course. Stolen from his FB profile pic folder.

James skating #2gnar with Zach on the photo.

James Abravaya is from Florida and then Ithaca, New York and then moved out to California recently. He hurt is knee recently, so he’s not skating much right now. He’s young and really excited about memes, more so than the rest of the crew. He’s got the top loft on the third floor with open air to the living room. He doesn’t seem to mind a bit. He does mind if you are ungrateful and run your mouth though.

James preaches the truth.

William Humphries

William Humphries pictured with Santa.

William was out working when I was there, and I didn’t get a chance to meet him. He seems to have a legit job as he arrived home late dressed in a suit. He has a room right next to the upstairs living room, so respect the tenants if you visit. He may have hurt his shoulder a while back cause it looks like he has just recently had a surgery. Hope it went well, William.

The other three roommates are Russian street skaters who don’t speak a ton of English. I never got a clear story as to how everyone met at the old skate house, but I imagine they met ’cause of skating. Here is a tour of the house:

This is only the downstairs double rack of boards. There is another rack upstairs.

Spacious kitchen

Downstairs living room

View of their backyard.

Beer pong table and mini-tree house platform.

View of the back of the house.

Potential for a garden, potential evidence of previous tenants, the USC logo.

Some relics hanging on the walls in the stairs.

More relics in the stairway.

While I was visiting, so was photographer Khaleeq Alfred, here trying to get some rest.

Zach gives other “first timers” the tour, through Kalil’s room.

The upstairs living room and most likely the main hang out spot.

Simon Snethen finds a comfy, lofty corner to hang in.

In the evening, we sat in the living room, drinking some beverages, watching skate videos, and talking shit. There were some dudes from Seattle and some from Utah. There were debates on what were the best filmed raw runs down Skate House Media’s favorite hill, #2gnar. It seems like for a regular footed rider, James Kelly killed it the best and for goofy, Ian Freire has recorded the best run. In addition to watching videos, the mansion showed me some memes, which is there greatest obsession besides skateboarding it seems. They may start a b-sides meme hater page, they told me jokingly.


We watched some fan made video on Sam Galus that was kinda creepy…

…and Sam Galus was less than stoked.

Norman Plante was there hanging out. We were watching some of the gnarliest hill bombs on the east coast that haven’t even been posted up publicly.

I won’t tell you where the house is. I’ll let you figure that out yourself. You got to know one of the housemates and ask them if you can stay there. Be respectful, bring a gift if you can, clean up after yourself, and don’t overstay your welcome. Best of luck to the Skate Mansion. It was cool to see it in such pristine condition. We will see if it lasts.