IDF News: 2017 World Cup Tour Schedule Release

The International Downhill Federation (IDF) is proud to release the schedule for the 2017 downhill skateboard and luge World Cup Tour. Ranging across five continents, the tour encompasses some of the best roads in the world that will cultivate a high-level of racing for riders.

World Cup Tour (full map below):

  • Feb. 17/18 – Newton’s Nation (WC) – Australia
  • Apr. 14/16 – Keeping it High (WQS) – Philippines
  • Apr. 21/23 – Silk Road Challenge (WC) – China
  • Apr. 28/30 – Arirang Hill Festival (WQS) – South Korea
  • May 26/28 – Yaku Raymi Water Fest (WQS) – Peru
  • June 9/11 – Apac Championship (WC) – Brazil
  • June 17/18 – La Leonera DH (WQS) – Colombia
  • June 24/26 – Laguna Downhill (WQS) – Mexico
  • July 13/15 – King’s Gate (WC) – Austria
  • July 19/22 – Kozakov Challenge (WC) – Czech Republic
  • July 26/29 – Verdicchio Race (WQS) – Italy
  • Aug. 3/6 – Teolo Euroskate (WQS) – Italy
  • Aug. 26/27 – Apex Mt. Challenge (WQS) – Canada
  • Sep. 8/10 – Killington (WC) – United States

Starting the tour is the Australasia series of events followed by South America, Europe, then North America to end the tour in September. After feedback from last year, the timeframe of this year’s tour has been slightly shortened to allow for better accessibility and greater time to plan for both riders and the organization.

6 World Cups events (WC), 8 World Qualifier Series events (WQS), and 13 different countries. With the more succinct schedule the number of races that count towards world rankings has been slightly lowered. We will see a greater number of riders competing for the top spots on the tour and a higher level of competition for the world champion.

World Ranking Calculations:

  • Open Category – Best 6 results (maximum 4 WC results)
  • Women, Junior, Masters, and luge Categories – Best 5 results (maximum 3 WC results)


The tour kicks off in three weeks at Newtons 2017 in Bathurst, Australia! Stay tuned as info is released for the upcoming events.