Catching Up With Josh Neuman

While I connect with a lot of younger riders, Josh Neuman stands out as one of the more memorable ones from 2016 for me. He’s been putting in work and constantly has a positive attitude and smile to go with it. He recently dropped his 2016 recap so we took a minute to catch up with Josh since our last one many moons ago.

Hey Josh! Another year gone by! Lets kick this off with full name, age and shoe size?

Hey Les! My full name is Joshua David Neuman, I am 17 years old, and my shoe size is a 10.5.

Photo Ryan Ricker

Everyone has been bitching about 2016. How’s your year been generally? Love it? Hate it? Hit your head and don’t remember it?

2016 has been awesome for me (for the most part). I’ve gotten the opportunity to skate a lot more.

Where you living and whats good with school and work?

I’m living in a town in North Carolina just south of Charlotte called Waxhaw. I am currently a junior in high school and I work at AutoBell car wash.

Photo Ryan Ricker

What are some of the hot hits, top moments of your non skate life?

Outside of skating, my time is consumed my school, work, hanging out with friends, and playing the guitar. I can’t really think of any “hot hits” but I have been excelling in school this past year despite the difficulty of my classes.

How about that skate life tho! Some highlight moments for you? Anything that got missed form the video that was rad?

Some highlight moments of skating this year for me have to be going to California as well as Central Mass. The only things that got missed from the video were just a few more clips that didn’t quite make the cut.

Sometimes we fall….

What were the best products of 2016 for you? What was your go to setup?

The best products for me (and my go to setup) in 2016 were most definitely the Arbor Highground, 165mm Paris Savants, and Powell Peralta wheels.

Photo Ryan Ricker

Anything you hope for in 2017 in life or skating?

In 2017, I hope to finish out my junior year of high school with very good grades as well as travel a lot more with skating and make more videos.

Anything you hope to leave behind in 2016?

Stress and negativity!

My buddy always shays he’s going to get in shape… I try and remind him round is a shape. He usually reverts to pizza machine by week 3. Did you make new years resolutions?  Already blowing any of them?

My new years resolution is to hit the gym 3-4 times a week. I worked out a lot last year until I broke my wrist at Central Mass and then got broke off in California a week later. Got out of the mojo for a while and am just now starting back up!

Why make a recap video? Seems like a lot of work?

The reason I make recap videos every year is to highlight the best times I’ve had in regard to skateboarding. It definitely can be a decent amount of work but it is worth it for sure.

Did you reuse footage form the year to make it or were these bangers you held back?

About 2/3 of the footage was reused from this past year but the other 1/3 was bangers that I never got around to putting in a video.

What were your favourite videos from the year of you?

My favorite videos of the year that I was in were probably…

The Boys in Paradise

Reckless First Decents

and the Paris video from my trip out to California

What were your favourite videos from the year of other people?

I don’t have any specific videos that are my favorites but the channel that always produces absolute bangers is NCDH. I also really enjoyed the Push Culture Pants videos,

and anything from Alex Ameen (specifically videos of Madison Crum, Garrett Gourley and Sho).

Who got no recognition or very little in the last year that you think is a dope skater and rad person and should have their name out there more?

Definitely Jacob Hales. He has started to get a little bit more recognized but he deserves a lot more recognition for sure.

Thanks for taking the time to talk to me Josh. Stoked to catch up. Anything you want to share we might have missed?

Good talking to ya Les! I think we’ve covered everything!

Shout outs? Sponcors? Hi Mom?

I want to give shoutouts to my parents, Paris Trucks, Arbor Skateboards, Powell Peralta, G-Form, and North Carolina Downhill for all being super rad!