Kebbek Skateboards History of the Smoothcut: A drop through story, with Raphael Therrien

Kebbek Skateboards is celebrating 25 years this year and will sure to be rolling out some unique features to cover their brand and launch their new line up. Check out the History of the Smoothcut with Raphael Therrien and learn more about the first CNC cut drop through from Kebbek.

As their website states, Kebbek, established in 1992, is really a collective of makers, collaborators, adventurers and dreams, headed up by legend Ian Comishin:

“We are ARTISTS. Making skateboards is not like making most products. Yes it is something you buy for a purpose, but that is not why we make it. Making skateboards is about people involved and the process in doing so. We are about the laughs in the studio and brain storming in the workshop. It’s all about putting our heads together and dreaming things up. This freedom is the best thing skateboarding gives us, the ability to create something personal and inspire action. So dream up your next skate trip, plan it with your best friends, make a video, make it fun and artistic, and do that forever. So as selfish as it sounds, we do this for us, and I guess if you like it, you can have one too.”

The Smoothcut, like Kebbek, has a storied history and a few iterations. As a base mold, this platform has hosted some of the legends of downhill including models for JimZ and Steve Daddow.

JimZ Flushcut

Daddow Smoothcut

The Smoothcut was arguably the 1st CNC made drop through longboard made. As the video tells you, it was a collaboration, between skate nerds, and before ‘longboards’ were really even a ‘thing’ as we know it now. Kebbek has always and will continue to work directly with skaters, getting their input and feedback on design. That brings game changers like the Smoothcut to the forefront of our attention. While there will always be a debate with Top vs Drop fans out there like Ford Vs Chevy or Water vs Gatorade, there is no debating that Drop through’s make for a lower centre of gravity and for easier slide initiation. This means the innovation of the drop through has helped progress skills over the history off of skating, make for an easier learning curve for beginners and created a more stable and comfortable platform for pushing longer distances with the reduced ride height.

For 25 years now, Kebbek and Ian Comishin have been making the Smoothcut and its variations. While the ‘current’ model is still this 2016 version pictured below, the 2017 Twenty-fifth anniversary lineup is sure to be incredible and we have already seen some very sexy shape and graphic leaks from Kebbek and can’t wait.

Current Smoothcut:

Smoothcut 34


  • Length: 34 inches
  • Width: 9.3 inches
  • Wheelbases: 25 inches
  • Wheelwells
  • 8 ply

Smoothcut 37


  • Length: 37 inches
  • Width: 9.3 inches
  • Wheelbases: 28 inches
  • Wheelwells
  • 8 ply

The Smoothcut is only one of a number of incredible and historic boards in the Kebbek line up. Additionaly, not only is Kebbek 25 now, it’s 25 years of Skater owned, operated and support. Kebbek, ahead of any other company, has put Skaters on their boards, naming names and supporting the riders directly who are supporting them. When you bought a JimZ deck, it supported JimZ. And these days when you buy a Ben Dub or an Emma, it supports them directly.

Congrats to Kebbek for 25 years (more infer to come) and thanks for supporting us here at Skate Slate as you have Skateboarding and riders all these years!

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