The Blackhill Project: Telling The Story Of Skateboarding

Want to lean more about the history of skateboarding and support telling the story for generations to come? Watch the Blackhill Project trailer, check out their project fund on Indiegogo here and find out how you can support. I’m definitely down for this cause and can’t wait to see the full documentary.

From the Blackhill Project:

Back in the 1970s there was a magical location in North San Diego County known as La Costa and the Blackhill. It was the mecca of skateboarding and its evolution, and provided a place to practice, test products, and race. Skateboarders came from all over to be a part of the gatherings of the who’s who of skateboarding. Without the Blackhill, none of the attributes, such as the speed, beauty, power and excitement, could have led to the grip the sport has had on millions of skateboarders.

The Blackhill Project

We are going to tell the story of the golden era of skateboarding at La Costa and the Blackhill. A place in time that has had an impact on the future of skateboarding that will never happen again. The so-called “church” where on any Sunday you could see skaters like Bobby Piercy, Tommy Ryan, Henry Hester, Bob Skoldberg, Doug “Pineapple” Saladino, Bruce, Brad, Brian and Robin Logan, Ty Page, Tony Alva, Jay Adams, Stacy Peralta, Denis Shufeldt, Ellen O’Neal, Ellen Berryman, Kim Cespedes, Mike Williams, Lance Smith, and Dave Hackett. The teams from G&S, Bahne, Turner, Logan, Hobie, Tracker, Gullwing, and Santa Cruz. Basically The Who’s Who of skateboarding.

“So you had a kind of a full group of you know, a complete snapshot of the whole skateboard industry right there on one street every single weekend.”
– Henry Hester

“I would no more pass up Sunday at La Costa. There was nothing that could beat it.”
– Di Dootson

“La Costa really was the place to test and by all means to race.”
– Tommy Ryan

Why Help?

Your support goes beyond the downloads, t-shirts, or any of the cool perks we offer. We are asking you to help fund this film to tell the story of the people, teams, companies and experiences that made La Costa the skateboarding mecca it was during the 1970s.

Not only an opportunity to tell the story concisely but also to make a connection with the public that will help bond a lasting relationship with viewers everywhere. The principal funding group for a project such as this will have its name in the forefront of this project and others to follow.

The marketing prospects for already established products as well as new ones are vast, due to the number of viewers who can be reached via the big screen, as well the TV screen at home.

Together, we’re not just creating a movie, we’re propelling history. Making it exciting to watch is COOL, FRESH, RAD, AWESOME, …FUN, ah oh, there’s that three-letter word again. Everybody loves to have fun and be associated with something historic. Join us in this campaign, and you will also be supporting the most critical phase of this film: taking it to completion so it can be seen by the world.

Check out their project fund on Indiegogo here and find out how you can support.


Using our own funds and with the generosity of others, we have completed interviews of all the characters that made La Costa and the Blackhill the place to be during the 70s. The list reads as such: Art Brewer, Beau Brown, Bill Bahne, Bob Skoldberg, Brad Logan, Brian Logan, Bruce Logan, Brian Beardsley, Chris Carmichael, Chris Yandell, Chuy Madrigal, Cliff Coleman, Curtis Hesselgrave, Dale Smith, Dave Dash, Dave Dominy, David Hackett, Denis Shufeldt, Dennis Martinez, Di Dootson, Don Bostick, Doug Saladino, Eddie Katz, Frank Nasworthy, Gregg Weaver, Henry Hester, James O’Mahoney, Jamie Hart, Jim Goodrich, John Hughes, Kim Cespedes, Lance Smith, Larry Balma, Laura Thornhill, Mark Bowden, Marty Schaub, Mike Williams, Pete Tholl, Peter Camann, Robin Logan, Steve Cathey, Steve Schisler, Steve Sherman, Tiger Williams, Tim Bee, Tommy Ryan, Tony Alva, Tony Jetton, and Ty Page. With only a couple of shoots to go, THE BLACKHILL PROJECT is “in the can” and ready for the edit! But having spent thousands from our own pockets, we’re tapped out. We need your help to get through this next phase.


When you support THE BLACKHILL PROJECT, you can choose to receive one of our AWESOME PERKS! For this campaign to be successful, we hope to raise $50,000 by March 31. We’re confident that with your support and your help in spreading the word, we will get there!

Check out their project fund on Indiegogo here and find out how you can support.


If you’re not able to make a financial contribution, there are other important ways you can help. Here’s how you can help build awareness about THE BLACKHILL PROJECT:

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Through this awesome film, we’re stoked to tell the story of the most amazing, influential and life-changing place in skateboarding history. We hope you’ll join us as we move forward towards the finish line. We still have a way to go, but with your support, the end is in clear view. Together we will make it real.

Thank you and ride on,


Denis and Stan

Check out their project fund on Indiegogo here and find out how you can support.