Toti Bicicleta and Orangatang Wheels Team Up For Some Fun!

Toti Bicicleta is the newest addition to the Otang family in Spain, and they couldn’t be more stoked to have a long time skate companion officially join the Orangatang Crew!

With Toti Bicicleta joining the Orangatang Ambassador family, he happens to live in the home town of cinematographer Alberto PerroPro Alepuz! In the dead of winter, Alberto and Toti were able to put together an instant classic between the island of Mallorca and their home town of Madrid, Spain.

1st Setup: Bustin Shrike, Bear Kodiaks, Orangatang Onsens/Yellow Skiffs
2nd Setup: Bustin Shotgun Prototype, Bear Kodiaks, Orangatang Orange Cage

Toti is a powerful force in the world of downhill and freeride with a unique mastery of the art of going sideways.

Setup: Bustin Shotgun Prototype, Bear Trucks Kodiaks, Orangatang Orange Cages

Orangatang Ambassador Toti Bicicleta se ha dejado el bigote para ayudar a enseñarte el 360 backside big spin y los variaciones!!!

Setup: Bustin Shrike, Bear Kodiaks, Orangatang Orange Fat Frees 80a

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