Venom Hard In The Paint Formula Actually Available Now!!

The wait that never should have happened is over! After Venom’s mispoured-wheel fiasco, true Hard in the Paint formula 72mm Cannibals and 71mm Harlots are in house and shipping to customers and shops now. We got out in the hills to test ’em out with Venom / Rogue team rider Tanner Morelock.

We took our tried and true 71mm Harlot and 72mm Cannibal shapes and gave ’em the driftiest urethane (Hard in the Paint formula) we could come up with, resulting in Promiscuously Massive Slides, and some of the most fun Venom wheels to date!

Tanner Morelock kicking out a big toeside on the driveway riding 71mm HITP Harlots.

The 71mm Harlot in HITP ‘thane is significantly slicker than the standard Harlot wheel. The extra drifty urethane makes the HITP edition a perfect low-speed freeride wheel for anyone to enjoy on any type of terrain. Maximizing ease of sliding, the versatile Harlot shape is solid for hill riding, or around town slashing. The shape is designed to get wider as the wheel wears down, keeping the Harlot’s riding experience exceptionally consistent over the life of the wheel. Leave your load on the road with the ‘thaniest wheel in the Venom lineup.

– Diameter: 71mm
– Width: 48mm
– Contact: 32mm
– Cobra Core
– Alignment: Very offset

The team was asking for a fast-freeride oriented wheel with enough grip for taking corners. The sharp lips of the 72mm Cannibal shape grab hard in a corner, while the slick new HITP formula bleeds ‘thane for a perfectly predictable wheel while heavy flowin’ down your local run or neighborhood slide hill. Expect effortlessly long, smooth, and controllable slides with the 72mm HITP cannibal. 72mm x 60mm 80a with a stoneground finish.

– Diameter: 72mm
– Width: 60mm
– Cobra Core
– Alignment: Slightly offset

Seriously, they just shi*t ‘thane. Tanner Morelock coming in backwards with a Coleman slide on HITP Harlots through a left hairpin.

71mm HITP Harlot and 72mm HITP Cannibals available now!