IDF News: Mauritz Armfelt and Emily Pross Win In Australia At Newton’s

The first IDF event of 2017 was epic to say the least. All kinds of live streams, serious racing, at a world class track and in sunny Australia! Peep the recap from the IDF and send your congrats to winners Mauritz Armfelt and Emily Pross!

Mauritz Armfelt. Pic: Matte Green

From the IDF Website:

Mauritz Armfelt (SWE) is King of Newton’s after winning the first IDF World Cup of 2017. He appeared perfectly at home in the dry heat of inland Australia despite it being a world away from the cold Swedish winter, and dominated the entire event; fastest qualifier, top 10 shootout winner, and first place in every one of his race heats today. He was pushed hard in the final by Coloradan Kyle Wester who drafted Mauritz at the finish and attempted the pass, but was a foot and 0.01 seconds short at the line. Bathurst local Mitch Thompson rounded out the podium – his first at an IDF World Cup.

Mauritz – I can’t believe I won, Pic: Matte Green

Emily Pross continued her domination of the women’s field with a commanding win, and then capped it with the impressive feat of single-handedly carrying 4th-placed Opens finalist Daniel Engel on her shoulders to the podium.

Emily Pross at Newton’s Pic: Matte Green

Taylor Cook was a late entrant to the Juniors comp, but crossed the finish line well in front of his rivals, while the Masters race was a battle between two Aussie legends; Benbro Hay and Adam Yates, with Yates emerging the winner, as well as winning the consolation final in Luge.

Abdil Mahdzan was a worthy winner in Luge after qualifying fastest and looking fast all weekend. Rival Ryan Farmer hit the hay at Forest Elbow, smashing his hopes of a win and allowing Aussie Graham Brittain to take second.

The Newton’s track claimed its share of victims over the weekend, with numerous heavy crashes at both The Dipper and The Elbow. This track eats up riders that take it lightly, and creates an atmosphere unlike any other. In a year’s time the world will converge on Bathurst for the ten-year anniversary of the first Newton’s.

Check out the sick edit from Frame Chasers on IDF Facebook:

The first World Cup of the year is officially a wrap. We were stoked to see so many faces racing down the legendary track at this weekend’s #Newtons2017 in Australia!

1. Mauritz Armfelt
2. Kyle Wester
3. Mitch Thompson

1. Emily Pross
2. Palaxa Golden
3. Elissa Mah

1. Abdil Mahdzan
2. Graham Brittain
3. Brendan Burke

1. Taylor Cook
2. Connor Nonas
3. Finlay Wilson

1. Adam Yates
2. Benbro Hay
3. Ryan Nicholls

Thanks ASRA (Australian Skateboard Racing Association), the volunteers, and all the riders that came out for bringing this event back with a bang. Podium results below and for more info visit: