Madrid Skateboards 2017 Pro Series Zak Maytum Anvil

Madrid has been dropping more and more hype around the new 2017 Pro Series Line Up and the Hype is real! Don’t miss Zak Maytum in Malibu featuring the new Pro Series Anvil.

The deep concave and rocker on the Anvil make it ideal for blasting down your favorite steep run. While it is not drop-thru, it does feature an innovative “micro-flush” design for added stability, because you never go full top-mount.

We shortened the deck by about 2″ this year and narrowed the wheelbase for increased manuverability. The CNC-cut wheel wells allow for a wide range of setups including narrow trucks and larger wheels. It’s called the Anvil because you drop the hammer on it. – Zak Maytum

L: 37.4″ W: 9.875″ WB: 27.25″

Get more details on the Anvil and the whole Pro Series here.