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The Catalina Island Classic 2017 is ON!

Once again the Catalina Island Classic is announced on Brent Dubendorff’s Facebook. No matter, Catalina is always once of the best events and we’re stoked it’s back on. For 2017, the event will once again be May 5th and 6th, but also have a Freeride on the 7th.

From Dubes Facebook:

Catalina Island Classic 2017 Registration is now open! We will be doing things a little differently this year.

The dates are as always the first weekend in May, the 5th-7th. There will be 2 days of Race and Qualifying (the 5th & 6th) and an additional day of Freeride on the 7th. Registration can be sent together, but will be $100 for non racers and $45 for racers.

Registration is open to all, But there will be 100 spots reserved for Racers that have attended any of the previous 5 years. Registration for racing will be $250 USD. Reg can be sent through Paypal to Please be sure to include email you would like further information sent to regarding ferry bookings, accommodations and race schedules.

Full face helmets w/ eye protection, Leathers, gloves and shoes are required. For the freeride. Kneepads, gloves, shoes and fullface helmets are required. 
-Dubes Eldorff

Any Questions can be sent to

Emails to previous racers will be sent shortly, please share the post around, reg is open to all! 

Check out these Skate[Slate] Raw Runs thanks to Aidan Lynds from the 2016 event and get registered!

Troy Grenier and Aidan Lynds

Micah Green wins the 2016 Catalina Island Classic! Kevin Reimer 2nd, Aidan Lynds 3rd (video) and Riley Irvine 4th.