Mischo Erban: Kanan – Lightline Studios

You know its a real throwback Thursday when someone drops some old Mischo Erban footage. Lightline Studios // Marc McCrudden, have posted “Mischo Kanan” to their vimeo and its just the kind of stoke we needed to keep the vibes flowing for this week.

From Lightline Studios:

Mischo Erban tackles this freshly paved super top secret spot that no one has ever skated ever, or even knows about. ;) Dir. Galaxy Song: ‘Have You Seen The Butcher’ Deftones

Also worth checking out is Mischo Erban’s Guinness World Record for Speed on a Skateboard for the film DROP:

MischoErban-DROP-GuinnessWorldRecord from Lightline Studios on Vimeo.

Hope this means more to come from Marc and Mischo!