Throwback Thursday: Observations And Insight From Coastal B.C. – Skate[Slate] Magazine Issue 31

This past Summer I made my way to Canada. Flights to Vancouver booked just in the nick of time, Mark Short and I got our asses to an historic 15th Coast Longboarding Attack of Danger Bay and two more events of the Canadian summer race season; Jake’s Rash and The Britannia Classic. We landed into a super adventure with the Flatspot, Omen and Subsonic crews, and it was a privilege to be amongst family as time-honoured traditions were reenacted and probably some new ones created.

Also need to thank Yvonne Byers for her incredible art that accompanied the print article. Here’s a taste, but you need to check the article for all the rest.

Incredible Art by Yvonne Byers.

I took way too many photos to fit in the print article featured in Skate[Slate] Magazine Issue , so here are lots more. I hope you feel transported to the fun in this lush, coasty paradise.

The Flatspot wheel wall and soup of the day board.

Andrew Grant rocking some evening alleyway sunbeams on the barrier behind Flatspot.

Turbo welcomes you to Danger Bay XV.

OG Jody Wilcox keeps eye on his campsite.

David from Oakland borrowing some volume from King Brian from Securityland.

Cam Frazier. Par for the course.

Catch of the day.

A flat spot in the lake brings renewal.

15 years of crash corner and the kids are all right.

All damn day. He can’t stop, won’t stop.

My partner in crime, Mr. Mark Short.

Party winner, Proud Papa and the best damn babysitter ever.

Mobbin around.

No tent left standing.

Glad Bricin saw the funny side of the 0430 wakeup call.


Don’t blink.

#invoiceeverything 2k16, just ask Tony Graves.

Secrets of the Stu.

As always Mark and I entered the Saturday morning slide comp. Mark smashed second and me being a lil out of practice, had to rely almost entirely on muscle memory and panic. I was happy to get out in one piece. Eventually the mob mobbed itself out and it was time to roll on from the legendary Danger Bay, to the ROAD RASH RUMBLE JAKES RASH RACE with all the camping, lake dips and good times you can imagine.

A Brick Hiding in a Wall. Hay!

Party by night. Pack run by day.

Or just let it all hang out!

Endless and heroic efforts by Strike to score some advertorial placements for event sponsors!

Coveted paraphernalia.

Moose and Men in Canada.

Flat Cave.

Some douchebag lit a secondary camp(car) fire. Efforts here to extinguish it were eventually successful.

The end of the Rash meant a small respite and then on to Britannia Classic where the good times with good people continues…

Fuck you too!

Easy steezy Ryka.

Crotch rocket.

Free refills over here!

Levi Purple (Red Hot) Green.

Sho time.

Live long and touch butts.

Come prepared.

Serenity in madness.

Not a meth lab.

Heavy reminiscence.

Wet Bagel.

Levi always getting werk done.

Also the Flat Cave.

Bridge was wet.

Back to the roots with Nick ‘Sasquatch’ Hansen.

Hectic heats.

Instant replay for Adam Persson of his victory at Britannia.

A huge many thanks to – Richard and Adam and Cult Wheels, Graham and Rayne Longboards, and Les and Mischa and Flatspot Longboard Shop – for enabling us to get us out to Canada, Nate Blackburn, Lee Cation for the rides down the glorious track at Britannia, Bricin Striker Lyons for his tireless awesomeitude and perhaps the best event posters in the world, Levi Green and Cam Frasier, to name but a few of the multitude of homies I got to hang with again!

Stoked for the coming summer of travel and events. I will be doing my best to share it some of it here. Please support the print version of the magazine for more amazing tales from around the scene!


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