Rogue Trucks Stocked Up For 2017

All Rogue trucks are officially back in stock. Precision hanger options come in 180mm and 160mm, and baseplate angles come in 15*, 30*, 43*, and 50*. Get all the info at

From Rogue:
Rogue trucks offer a rider the most possible steer and lean by utilizing tall-sized (0.75″) bushings, and completely eliminating the need for a standard bushing seat. No bushing seat means that the bushing is not restricted in any way, allowing for perfectly linear response. Each set ships with 90a red in the trucks and one pack each of 93a green and 87a purple tall barrels to let you dial in your turn response. Combined with 2mm of rake, and crucial insert bushing technology, Rogues can be fine tuned to give any kind of riding experience.

Team rider Tanner Morelock charging a famous right hairpin in Santa Barbara, California on 160mm hangers and 50*/30* baseplates.

A soft insert bushing will give a ‘surfier’ feel and a grey area between grip and slip. Great for freeriding and powerslides. A harder insert bushing will give a stronger center-point, and a more definitive line between grip and slip.

Max Dubler poking one out on a friendly neighborhood hairpin in Boulder, Colorado on 180mm’s.

Get all the info at: