Skate[Slate] Magazine Issue 33 – 2016 Winter

Skate[Slate] Magazine Issue 33 takes you across from China to Japan, across Canada and all the way to California for some of the best skateboarding has to offer. Did you get your copy?

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With every new issue comes a new challenge to bring you the best photography, stories and riders from around the skate world. For this issue Arian Chamasmany and the Paris Truck Co. team headed to Beijing for a once in a lifetime experience. Ari got the cover thanks to a Ryan Ricker photo, his first cover, and first published photos with us. One thing we know is you don’t have to go to China to have fun on a trip and Jon Huey joined Sector 9 for one hell of a good time ripping up Northern California. Thanks to that trip we were also able to put together a special Day Job segment with the one and only Louis Pilloni who gives us all a lesson on how to make work fun.

Keeping the road trip theme going, Aaron Breetwor jumped in with Bricin Striker Lyons for the Coast Longboarding Coast 2 Coast tour and snapped some epic photos and gave us an incredible story for you all to read. Back across the Pacific, Kevin Carlton and Cindy Zhou took themselves on an adventure through Japan for an awesome and picturesque segment to cap the features off.

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Nick Pappas. Brandon Desjarlais photo.

In this issue:

Grab Bag
Check Out – Kate Voynova & Raphael Therrien
Shutter Speed – Josh Boehlke & Orlando Welsh
Day Job – Louis Pilloni
Real Talk – Let the ‘F*cking Clowns’ Skate
Skate House Pages – Goings on & Overheard
Finish Line – Jackson Shapiera

Louis Pilloni Day Job. Jon Huey and Don Sheffler Photos.


From the Boonies to the Bay with Sector 9

Coast 2 Coast on the Coast Longboard Cribb Bomb

Paris Loves Beijing

No Japlan

Paris Truck Co in China. Ryan Ricker, Axel Serrat, Matt K photos.

Sector 9 downhill Division Road Trip. Jon Huey photo.

Cindy Zhou in Japan. Kevin Carlton photo.

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