S9 NorCal Trip – Boonies to the Bay

Boonies to the Bay – Issue 33 Outtakes

The boys of downhill from the Ninth Sector went on a road trip last year in NorCal spanning From the Boonies to the Bay and I, Jon Huey, came along for the ride and documented the descents. We skated down hills in remote forested areas, getting yelled at by locals to get the [expletive] out, and skated hills in the city of SF with relatively no problem. The full story and exclusive photos of the Sector 9 trip are in the the latest SKS Issue No. 33 Winter 2016 of the Skate[Slate] Magazine. Here are some outtakes.

The magazine article chronicles the the whole trip, so be sure to check it out for the best photos. Here’s a preview of the opening spread:

Sector 9 downhill Division Road Trip. Jon Huey photos.

I got picked up by the Sector 9 van at the San Francisco airport one morning and went straight to one of the steepest hills in SF. It was an eye opening experience. See the article for more detail on that. Some of the guys had some specific shots to get while in the city so I let them do their thing with Jeff Budro, Louis Pilloni, and Brendan Carolin, the film/photo crew. I split up from the group with Ross Druckrey and Jimmy Riha and made some photos of them shredding some sidewalk features.

Jimmy Riha shralps through the kink.

Ross Druckrey

Ross Druckrey

Jimmy Riha gets a blunt break in real quick before catching up with the group.

We re-grouped to get some food. Of course, we had to skate down the hill to get there.

Jackson Shapiera and Ross Druckrey get in sync down some waterfall sections of the city.

Jackson Shapiera stops, well almost, while Mack Wacey gets the live video.

After some burritos it was time for Lombard and a few other spots.

A.J. surfs an idyllic-looking left down the legendary Lombard in SF.

Ross Druckrey leans in for that inside line on some cracked pavement.

Levi Hawken comes back from a beer run, about the only thing he could do after a bad crash just days earlier.

The next morning, we ventured into the woods south of SF and skated these pretty rad redwood forest roads. We sessioned a few sets of corners, did some raw runs, got yelled at by a local resident, and headed out with a bag full of footy goodies.

Ross Druckrey and Jackson Shapiera get swoopty in the boonies.

Ross Druckrey dips and dabs around a quick corner.

Jacko rides the yellow with a spotter around the corner.







A.J. Haibey

We also spent some time by the beach. Here are some photos from the last day of the trip.

Jacko gets all serene and and introspective.

Jimmy made many feeble attempts, but he also landed a few like this one.

Mack attacked this corner with a speed he felt comfortable for his vulnerable brains. lol.

Legendary Kiwi Levi Hawken tucks his knee on this tight corner in Pacifica, CA at dusk.

Ross Druckrey went with a few guys from the Tactis squad to skate some Yosemite epicness. Jimmy Riha stayed in the bay for a while and then drove up to the Maryhill Freeride. I drove back to San Diego with the boys. After a long drive and a recovery day, I went out shooting with Levi Hawken and Louis Pilloni and got a few photos including this one I will close with. It’s two rad influential skateboarders in the same photo.

Living Legends Levi Hawken and Louis Pilloni.

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