Check Out: Ontario’s Free Dumb Child Sam Flint

I was recently introduced to Sam Flint thanks to Wes Eldridge of Aero Media and Nate Blackburn from Omen Boards and Free Wheel. Sam rips and as it turns out he’s from Ontario, Canada. I was stoked to get the chance to find out more about the yung ripper and how we got the hook up for the banger footage all the way from Canada and into the Mobile Ruckus.

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Hey Sam! Please give us your full name, date of birth and shoe size?

My full name is Sam Barron Flint, I was born in November of 1998, and my shoe size is 10.

Aero Media

Where are you now? Where you from?

I’m currently in Asheville, North Carolina, But I’m from Mississauga, Ontario and chill in the Toronto scene.

Aero Media

How did an East Coast Canadian get connected with West Coat Omen and Free?

I got connected with Nate through my buddy who skated for both companies, basically just skated, went to events, filmed videos, and slowly ended up on Omen and Free Wheel!

Aero Media

Early signs of going full Dumb with Free Wheel.

How long have you been skating to get the hook up?

I’ve been skating since 2012.

This 2015 hair flip clip is gold… skatings pretty good too.


You have a robust scene out east, what’s your community like?

Community is really really chill, It’s really close, with a lot of really good skaters from a place that doesn’t have hills, well, not many.

Can’t be Ontario… #photoshopped

What did it mean to have the Mobile Ruckus and Nate visit?

The van is ALWAYS a good time, like legit the best. The first time Nate came to Ontario I knew it was real and it was great meeting THE dad.

Nate Blackburn doesn’t just Omen and Free, he is also the source of Oh Ef Tv.

Did you jump in the van? Where to? How long?

I hopped in the van at the end of central mass, went everywhere all over east coast for two weeks, that’s when we all stopped to NC to film my video!

This video was in NC? Everyone raves about it. What’s good?

NC is a legitimate downhill heaven. Literally 4 days there will make you 4 months better back home.

Aero Media

Where are some of your favorite places to skate?

Favourite place so far as a whole is North Carolina, obviously. But back at home I love the good ol poopchute and some Mississauga hills are always a classic.

Classic Poop Chute circa 2014.

How about people to skate with?

Skating is definitely the best with Devon Klingenberg, Merritt Spiers, David Bubier, Brady Brown, Shroom. A lot of other people too, I just can’t think now.

Aero Media

You have this setup video with us as well. Are you a one board, one guy kinda rider or do you have a quiver?

I’m a one board type of guy, although, I got two full setups now, we’ll see.

Nate can’t drop in. Can you?


The omen team has been known to have bad dietary habits. What kind of hot garbage do you consume or do you have a healthier lifestyle than the road life?

I have a horrible diet when on the road, ravioli, mcdonalds, taco bell and beer.

Aero Media

Any plans for the coming summer season? Events? Road trips?

I’m hoping to see Nate in Seattle, hit the yearly events like Ithaca and Cen mass.

Aero Media

Thanks for taking the time to chat with me Sam! Any famous last words? Shout outs? Memes you like?

I enjoy cracking a cold one with that thicc mans gibby from iCarly.

I dunno… Personally, Im more OG Truffle Shuffle.