Kebbek Skateboards Celebrates 25 Years With A Special Limited Release

Kebbek Skateboards have started celebrating their 25th Anniversary in style, with a limited edition release in some of the most poppin opalescent colour changing bling you’ll see anywhere, or will likely every skate.

Get to know 25 years of skater owned and operated and celebrate along with them.

Their colour shifting 25th anniversary series represents the change in all of them over the years, and the change we all experience. The change they have been through in their 25 years of reimagining skateboarding, the change we have been through as skateboarding has undoubtedly transformed each of our life. Each skateboard is hand painted in-house with their own custom formula of opalescent paint which echoes colourful, ever-evolving personality. Visit kebbek.com for more info on their line up, and their history in skateboarding. Here are some of the highlights for now thank to Joey Bidner and Kebbek.

Whats New


The Kaslo will get you hyped to cross step, finger flip and even bomb a hill or two. We believe that a dancer should still be able to go fast when you need to. Armed with finely tuned kick tails, a long foot platform and ½ inch of concave, you can take this board anywhere.

Ben Dub Top Mount 38 Shape Update

New Swallow tail changing things up.

2 new pro models this year:

Raphael Therrien – Top mount 36

We are proud to welcome Crafty to our pro team this season. He has been a trusted am rider for years, originating from the hometown of Kebbek, Montreal. He showed his commitment to skateboarding through his travels, videos and all around good vibes while skating. He likes going fast, but needs a deck with a kicktail, making the Top Mount 36 his deck of choice. The top mount has been our team rider’s choice s ince we launched it in 2001 as their favorite downhill racing deck. We decided to g ive it a mas s ive a face lift las t seas on with a handful of new features that will open up what you can do with this board. I’m s ure you will ag ree that you want foot lock for going fas t, but still like t o s hift your feet around for when you are in the s treets. We balanced the foot platform s o foot lock is apparent, but you are not cemented into pos ition, making it more playful for everyday s kating . Enjoy the s mall kick tail on the end, you will thank us w hen you face a curb. Even downhill decks s hould be able to ollie.

Wheel base: 24-25.75
Features: Rocker: .5’’, Micro drop, flus h mount, wheel wells, Kicktail

Isac Printz – Rockin Rookie Re-issue

Isac Printz Isac has been our Swedish am for years, and we are honored to support him as a new pro rider this season. He fell in love with the Rockin Rookie back in the day, which is why we have reissued the legacy deck for this pro model this season. We began to push the importance of top mount set ups with the release of this board in 2008. Inspired by the slalom skaters and their growing dominance at hills like Maryhill we put together a shortened wheel-base board that can hold its own at full speed yet be ready to dodge yappy Shitzus who jump out in front of you as you skate to the corner store for a box of rubbers.

Length: 38.0”
Width: 9.8”
Wheelbase: options from 27.0″ to 30.0 8 ply

Re-issues Decks

Ian Comishin
This is the board that truly set the world in motion. The previous incarnations under the Caften title and all the competing brands that followed led to the world wide revolution in downhill skateboarding where virtually millions of roads were dominated by skateboards for the first time. The lowered riding platform and the super responsive wedge-nose construction allows skaters of all walks to bomb steep hills with confidence, dodge their bailing buddies on top-mounts, drift out controlled slides and emergency stop with ease.

Length: 41.5”
Width: 9.90”
Wheelbase: 33.0″
Features: 5/8″ thick of Canadian maple laminate, 17 degrees wedge nose, 1.2’’ inch drop

Ben Dub Classic

This board caused more workshop headaches than any other we have made to date. In 2011, 3d curves were uncharted territory and we jumped in with 2 feet. We needed to make Ben a board that would cater to his boundless ride style. A board he could send itoff a launch ramp, tuck to pass some leather wearing dude, ollie over an obstacle and power slide into a hairpin. We achieved this with the symmetrical shape and twin kicks, micro drop with a cambered centre and spoon pockets on both ends of the foot platform.

Length: 42.25”
Width: 9.15”
Wheelbase: 28.75
Features: 1/2″ thick of canadian maple laminate, twin kicks, dropped spoon pockets foot platform, wheel wells

Kalator Classic

Kalator Classic We took 2 inches out from the legendary Flushcut mould, but we didn’t take the fun out. Somehow we put more fun into this free-ride vessel. Getting you low to the ground, and locked in. It is stable at speeds yet ready to go sideways whenever you are. With an endless concave leading into the drop this board still holds one of the most intense pockets to produce in the longboarding world. If you don’t feel locked in, you should try this board. The concave holds 2.5 cans of beer so if you forgot your funnel, hopefully you didnít forget your skateboard.

Length: 40.0”
Width: 9.8”
Wheelbase: 30.0″ to 31.5″
EFP: 23.6
Features: 5/8″ Canadian maple laminate, 1.25″ drop, intense corner pockets, rigid platform.

Updated City Gloves

A new full leather palm, finger tips and knuckle protection update this already rad glove.

New wheel durometer on Libre and Takawan-Still comes with bearings and spacers.

The Future

Making skateboards for a quarter century means 25 years of long days and late nights. 25 years of having sore hands and rough skin. 25 years of being curious and stopping at nothing to satisfy the taste of progression. 25 years of event support and community involvement. 25 years of making friends and having an unconditional love for skateboarding. Thank you for sharing these passions and contributing your time and energy to the family of skateboarding. We look forward to continuing to provide the means to skateboard by making quality gear you can count on.