Bonzing Wallpaper Wednesday: Adrian Dakine and the MC Cat

The shapers and artists from Oakland California are delivering awesome photography for you to enjoy this month as they have for many over the years now. This ones featuring Adrian Da Kine and the MC Cat. Check it out!

From Austin Graziano and Bonzing:

Wallpaper Wednesday Photograph:
You can guarantee that cars are going to cross the line but Team rider Adrian Da Kine handles his line like a champ! He is riding the MC Cat skateboard.

High Res for your Desktop or Mobile device:

Instagram size:

MC Cat Board: 

Team rider Michael Carson has shaped and created a timeless downhill top-mount race deck in a classic concave.


Constructi​​​on: 9-ply hardrock maple
Dimensions​​​: 36.5″ L x 9.8″ W x 25.5-28″ WB.

More here.

Thanks for checking us out! Keep Rolling,

Austin Graziano