Madrid Skateboards 2017 Pro Series Max Dubler Deviant

Madrid has been dropping more and more hype around the new 2017 Pro Series Line Up and the Hype is real! Don’t miss Max Dubler and the Deviant.

The Deviant features a 1/2” directional drop design with a bowled-in front end for turning leverage and a radial back for control while sliding. The concave runs all the way through to the drops, with a ‘W’ that fades out toward the front for more comfortable riding on rough pavement.

The standing platform has 1/4” of rocker, making it easier to tuck and keep your feet planted on the board when sliding. This year we tightened the wheelbase, shortened the board overall, and added 1/8″ underflush truck mounts. – Max Dubler

L: 35.875″  W: 9.75″  WB: 24.5″-27.5″

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