Landyachtz Longboards 2017 Line Up Live Stream – Monday, March 13th

Landyachtz Longboards is about to drop their 2017 line up and celebrate 20 years of making skateboards. Peep the link below for the Facebook live feed and then read about some of the Landyachtz history.

Tune in on Monday, March 13th for a tour of the Landyachtz HQ with Billy Bones and get a sneak preview of the full 2017 product line!

The Landyachtz Blog has a special feature on 20 years of Landyachtz covering some of their creations and history. If you can, get your hands on this years catalogue, its a special edition ‘newspaper’ and is a rad piece of art, for a catalogue.

From the Blog:

Landyachtz Longboards was founded in 1997, making this year our 20th anniversary. In this years catalog we went back through the generations of manufacturing with Landyachtz Co-Founders Tom and Mike to highlight some of our favorite boards from Landyachtz history. We photographed each board in their current state and wrote the back story on each board pictured.

From Mike’s first board ever, to Tom’s world cup winning Carbon Evo these boards are each legends in their own ways.

Here is a quick look at the boards we found to be most legendary from the past 20 years.

Just a small, taste, go check them all out on the blog here.