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Help Yvon Labarthe Win Some New Gear For More Epic Downhill Content

Yvon Labarthe and his team at Flying Focus have been a part of the Downhill Story for many years not just behind a camera and computer, but skaters and leaders of the community. From event videos to Greener Pastures, Flying Focus and Yvon have done it all and donated a lot of their time and energy. Now they’re trying to win a contest to get some super baller camera gear and need our help and votes to win it. You can be sure if they do, we as a community will enjoy the reward with even more banger footage!

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Here’s the details from Flying Focus:

A little over 3 years ago, we started our own aerial filmmaking business. We had a drone, a few cameras, and a lot of drive to make it happen. It took time and patience to get our business to run, and we keep doing as much as we can to learn and grow. Every day is a new challenge and we love what we do.

By entering this contest, we hope we can take ourselves to the next level and film the impossible. We want to continue filming sports and cinema and create inspiring and quality videos.

Here’s what we are trying to win:

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Here you can view our latest showreel which we hope reflects the love of what we do, and what we are capable of making.

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We also heard a rumour, that if they win, they will donate their efforts to another Greener Pastures!!

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