Venom Skate: Which Venom formula is the one for you?

Looking at wheels but not sure which Venom formula is the one for you? Let us break it down for you:

Mach 1 Formula: Venom’s Super High Rebound race compound for superior roll speed and grip through corners. This formula is incredibly fast in a straight line, and is incredibly durable. When new, Mach 1’s require a lot of muscle and force to slide. When broken in, this formula slides very easily, but maintains a strong hookup. This formula only comes in 76mm 76a Cannibals. More info here.

Traditional Formula: Venom’s tried and true original wheel formula, great for all around riding and racing. The Traditional ‘thane grips hard, and has a very smooth and predictable slide. The softer duro’s are incredibly grippy, especially while sliding. Providing the strongest stopping-power, and mid-corner grip, of any Venom formula. This formula is available in 57mm Piper Finders, 61mm Curb Stompers, 64mm six-fours, 70mm Tweakers, 71mm Harlots, 72mm Cannibals, and 76mm Cannibals. In 76a, 78a, or 80a. More info here.

Hard in the Paint Formula: Venom’s newest creation, the HITP ‘thane is a smeary, slidey, urethane compound specifically designed for effortlessly long, smooth, and controllable slides. Perfect for lower speed freeride in the Harlot shape, or higher speed freeriding, or slippery downhill runs in the Cannibal shape. Only available in 80a, the HITP’s bleed ‘thane and are the slickest, and have the least grip, of any Venom urethane. Available stoneground in 71mm Harlots and 72mm Cannibals. More info here.

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