Loaded Boards X Kodak Cameras with Camilo Cespedes & alex Colorito

Loaded Photographer Alex Colorito took a prototype out to the dreary hills of Malibu, taking the always smiling Camilo Cespedes.

“I had a unique opportunity to shoot a short project with the new 8mm camera Kodak has been working on. Being an avid film shooter for stills I was excited to test out this format. It’s hard to describe the feeling of hearing and feeling the film burn through the reels on the camera but it’s nothing short of magic. Not having the ability to review the footage makes for a more natural experience, keeping it organic and only filming when it feels right. I see a lot of potential for this format to make a resurgence and am excited about what Kodak is doing for all the analogue shooters out there.”
-Alex Colorito

Special Thanks: Kodak Cameras
Product Designer: Yves Behar

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