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Throwback Thursdays: My All-Time Best Giant’s Head Freeride Photos

I’ve been to Summerland, BC many times over the years to hit up the Giant’s Head Freeride and have always brought my camera along with me. With its steep sections, a healthy amount of tight corners, some filled with sand, and often blazing temperatures, the hill is a true test for downhill skaters. In order to get stoked on this next season of skating and the 2017 freeride coming June 26-28th, I present to you this compilation of photos from Giant’s Head almost every year it has happened, including the first one when it was called Ride The Giant. Essentially, they are my All-Time Best Giant’s Head Freeride Photos.

2010 Ride The Giant

Top of the hill. So many influencial riders right here. 2010.

James Ware makes the dirt short cut happen, gripping once he hits the pavement.

Katie Nielson slows it down in the fastest part of the course, Tightrope.

King Brian in his element: Evo and no hands down.

Raggie and Tynan, getting gritty.

Riders walk up the road.

Guts and tits. Mad Lib Knuckles.

The viewpoint before it got overcrowded like in recent years.

Nick Jean takes off into hyperspace.

The legend of Kyle Martin, mid-race no-hands squat toe-side pre-drift. Hey too many hyphens in one place.

George Mackenzie takes the final corner switch.

2011 Giant’s Head Freeride

The next year, they started adding ramps. Many good riders made it a regular thing to come to the event every year, and the popularity grew.

Jimmy Riha floats a backside 180 melon grab to flat.

Billy Meiners gets grabby on the lil’ booster.

Ross Druckrey pays the dirty price for the shortcut.

Kyle Chin shows us his smooth style.

Big Lou with the small board and short shorts.

The Okanagan Lake is a must stop for lunch on hot days.

Travis Craig and Jim Z during a race. RIP Travis’s knees.

King Brian with his signature surfing style.

2012 Giant’s Head Freeride

Mathew “Grizz” Kroetsch leads this urethane spraying pack.

Kyle Martin with the untouchable style and lead on this pack into gravel corner.

Tony Graves slid right into this compilation of photos. Good job Tony!

Darryl Freeman makes it through as someone else crashes out behind him.

2013 Giant’s Head Freeride

This is the year of ramps on steroids. It provided much fun but almost distracted from the road itself, which is an amazing slab of asphalt on it’s own.

Reese Boyko narrowly avoids sliding into another rider in the middle of a tight pack entering Dead Man’s corner.

Ben Dubreuil suprised many by popping up the ramp onto the platform and then doing a boneless back down into the ramp. Gnarly.

Pat Schep and Cooper Darquea in the cake corner.

Graham Collingwood and Liam Morgan race into Dead Man’s corner.

In 2014, there was no Giant’s Head Freeride, because of forest fire danger in the area. In 2015, I took a break from the usual Giant’s Head trip.

2016 Giant’s Head Freeride

This last year, they stepped back from the ramp revolution and went for just a regular course with only a few ramps or shortcuts.

Sean Young gets both hands down as he slides through the unbridled mayhem created by riders knocked out of the race. Ed Cordero follows.

Cullen Arbuckle and Mark Short get a little too carried away with the moment and avoid getting taken out by James Ayavarba.

Adrian Cole drifts it into the dirt as Garrett Smith passes during a race heat.

Dirt Corner.

Obligatory group shot

Dillon Stephens was crowned king of Giant’s Head for 2016.

Sean Young won MVP and the pure stoke on his face was enough to make this a great photo.

I had a ton of fun this last year, posting loads of photos, GHF Skate Faces, and gifs on the blog. We also featured Giants Head on the cover of issue 31 with Giants Head local Dillon Stephens. If you’re thinking about going this year, stay tuned for more information on the 2017 Giant’s Head Freeride.