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S1 Helmets have been working on a production full face helmet for a while now and have finally started dropping it.

From S1 Helmets:

The S1 Fullface Helmet is finally here! After years of development we finally had something we were incredibly proud of. Madison Crum brought his lid down to Medellin, Colombia to visit Alex Ameen for some runs into the valley of Bello.

S1 Lifer Helmet |  Full Face

Description:  The same fit, feel and protection of the Lifer Helmet with full face coverage.

Certified: CPSC for High Impact, ASTM for Multiple Impact,

Includes: Clear and Tinted Visor, 2 Thickness of Cheek pads, 3 Sets of Sizing Liners so you can size up or down, Sticker sheet, Helmet Bag


Sizing: X-Small 20.5″, Small 21″, Medium 21.5″, Large 22″, X-Large 22.5″, 2XL 23″, 3XL 23.5″

Colors: Black Matte, Black Gloss, White, Grey Matte, Red Gloss, Silver Glitter, Black Glitter, Tan Gloss, Maroon Matte, Navy Matte, Purple Matte, Cyan Matte, Orange, Dark Green Matte

S1 Lifer Fullface Helmet
• Specially formulated EPS Fusion Foam
• Certified Multi-Impact (ASTM)
• Certified High Impact (CPSC)
• 5x More Protective Than Regular Skate Helmets
• Deep Fit Design

The Lifer Helmet uses a specially formulated EPS Fusion Foam which allows it to protect your head from multiple low force impacts as well as high impacts. The Lifer Helmet is a Certified “multi-impact” helmet and is up to 5x more protective than the soft foam non-certified helmets.  The Lifer helmet is a break through design combining the added safety of a CPSC and ASTM certified helmet with the comfort and fit of a non certified helmet. The S1 Lifer Helmet is the best fitting High impact and Multiple Impact helmet on the market.

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