BMS x Kebbek Arico – El Bueno Freeride // Midway Update

It’s halfway through the BMS Arico El Bueno Freeride 2017 Presented by Kebbek and summer has come early, 300km off the coast of Africa. I’ve been fortunate enough to make my way here with Skate[Slate] Magazine and will be shooting photos and telling stories of my adventures. Here’s what’s going down so far in beautiful, uncompromising Tenerife.

The Island of Tenerife, a semi tropical volcano rammed with ridiculous hills.

Everyone met up on the Island for the 20th and will be shredding their legs off until the 24th, there will be tons of coverage I am sure.

‘Sleep’s rare, beer’s cheap, rocks are sharp but the hill makes you smile’ – Pete Conolly

Legs and facial muscles are torched from 5 minute fun runs, and abrasive double apex surprises. You can ride the hill in any way you want, just bring lots of wheels!

Robbert van Haaften is recipient of his third set of wheels with Kebbek’s core as many as you can promotion.

The Tenerife Scene, in particular the Sliders Skatehouse, and Big Mountain Skate have collaborated with the support of Kebbek Skateboards and BlueTomato.com to make this the first Island freeride, despite the many bureaucratic hurdles they’ve faced.

The organisational pace is tranquil, running on island flow and the relaxed attitude of the riders.

Uplifts have been on point, night-time sound system has been an eclectic mix of euro trash and sketchy garage bangers, and we’ve got a mini ramp outside that gets dawn and dusk attention, and of course all the kids toys had to be put out of sight around the pool immediately… we’re a bunch of overgrown children.

UK legend Pete Conolly put it best, saying ‘Sleep’s rare, beer’s cheap, rocks are sharp but the hill makes you smile’, and I am having an incredible time shooting photos along with all of the other festivities thanks to the hospitality of all those involved.

Be sure to also check out some raw footage from Emily Pross and Skate[Slate].TV

More from BigMountainSkate.com here. And check out coverage of the freeride also on LongboardMagazine.Eu as they are here at the event dropping live content on their Facebook as well!

Longboardmag.eu Day 1 coverage

Longboardmag.eu Day 2 coverage

And check out the Raphael Therrien Short Cut Raw Run here:

I’ll be back with another recap after the event, maybe even save a few for print!