Rock & Roll Bombers Longboarding Adventure No.4 – April 27-30

We are Rock & Roll Bombers NGO, a team of longboarders from Romania and we’re bringing you Longboarding Adventure no.4 – Dobrogea Hills  (TURA de Longboard IV).

Bellow you will find all the necessary details and our press release for the event which will take place between 27th – 30st April 2017:

This year we are opening the official season with “The Longboarding Adventure no.4”!

So between 27th – 30th April 2017, we will be covering aprox. 200km from Călăraşi to Vama Veche trough Dobrogea hills – Romania.

Maximum daily route will be 60km (depending on weather), traveled in 6 hours, with breaks after every 10km.
TDL 4 it’s an endurance event!

Throughout the route we will have assistance cars, for the luggage and any other emergency. The Camp team will deal exclusively with preparing the camping area and the meals for all the participants (breakfast, lunch, dinner) throughout the event. All the necessary utensils will be provided by us.

The surprise element is the longest Treasure Hunt organised within a Longboarding event in Romania. The Treasure Hunt will take place from the begging until the end of the trip and it’s a concept in that all the participant are involved in finding strategicaly points on the route map.

Every day you will get 2 clues, one at the start and the other one has to be found on the route. Prizes and surprises can be found all day long, exept the daily prize and the BIG PRIZE.

The event Longboarding Adventure no. 4 is open to all participants on alternative means of transport, with the condition of reaching a minimum speed of 10km/h.

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If we talk about costs … the fee … will provide 3 meals a day, cooked and ready to gobble up, your luggage will be transported safely in the assistance cars, we also have healthcare throughout event. Camping areas will be “landscaped” by our “Camp team”, you just bring your tent, sleeping bag, LONGBOARD or bike, safety gear, goodwill, spirit of adventure and a lot of LoL’s … and last but not least MANY other surprises from our sponsors ♥!

TDL4 MOTTO – “Longboarding Adventure – Come along in the picture”

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