YAKU RAYMI WQS Peru – Water Fest – May 27/28

From the homie Luis Mogrovejo – DH Media Peru:

The YAKU RAYMI WQS race takes place at Huascaran National Park, one of Unescos Biosphere World Reserves in Ancash, Peru, 8 hours away from Lima, Peru’s Capital. This Park is known as the first place where ancient Peruvians gathered in tribes with more than 16 Ice Peaks at over 6000 MASL.

YAKU RAYMI means Water Festival in the ancient Quechua Language of native Peruvians. This racing event wants to make a real statement on Climate Change and water preservation. Our Ice Peaks have suffered from global warming through the pass of the years and this will get worst if we don’t see this as an actual global problem.

Yaku Raymi Slogan:
“El Downhill no es tan rápido, como el Cambio Climático”
*Downhill is not as fast as climate change

This Area is also the world’s highest tropical mountain range and holds the highest Tunel Pass in the World at 4900 MASL which divides Carhuaz and Asuncion districts. This Highway also has more than a 60 hairpins in a 50Km range and spots where you can get to 120km/h easily.

The basecamp of the YAKU RAYMI will be located at CHACAS, a small Andean town near the Race track. Racing fee includes Breakfast and lunch for the 2 days of the event.

Day 1: Practice and Qualifying
Day 2: Races

Registration Starts March 15th
Registration fee: 95 Dollars USD

Downhill & Luge are Allowed
Expected attendance: 120 Riders

For more information, contact us at:

DHMedia Peru Page

You can also check out some videos on DH Media’s facebook page. Here’s a Raw Run of the circuit with some GPS info on it.