Ryan Ricker Throwback: Paris Truck Co in Bejing With The Squad

Last fall I embarked on a trip to the Far East with the Paris Truck Co. team. The crew consisted of Axel Serrat, Levi Green, Alexandra Kubiak Ho-Chi, Kate Voynova, Ari Chamasmany, myself, and Nate Shute who came along lugging camera gear to capture the entire adventure on film. We were mainly based in Beijing for the duration of the trip, taking day trips to the surrounding hills as well as a trip to the Great Wall.

Being my first time to Asia, there was a lot to take in. The scenery and culture was different yet breathtaking at times, the experience was unforgettable. Aside from the jet lag, one of the hardest parts of coming home was sifting through all the photos I captured along the way. While a good number of shots made the print Issue of Skate Slate Magazine 33, with Ari on the cover, there were far too many to fit and I thought I would share a few more with you. Here are a few of my favorites from my travels….

Axel Serrat is always smiling, and taking pictures.

Levi Green always finds the delicious snacks, Ari Chamasmany reeps the rewards.

Matt K, Blue Steel

Skating around Bejing, we found spots everywhere. Kate Voynova with the balance.

Two dudes, two boards, one bridge, and a few onlookers.

Axel with a quick gypsy nap in the streets.

Matt K is always hunting for new angles.

3’s a crowd but somehow the guys make it all work.

Axel about to take off with his new feline friend.

The slide jam was at a fun little hill an hour outside of Beijing. The pavement was smooth and the hike wasn’t all that bad. Alexandra smashed run after run.

Ari doing an Ari while Matt K and a couple fans snap away.

It got hot and Levi took his pants off.

Event organizer, K Haohan calling the shots.

I don’t know what they call a siesta in Chinese but Matt needed one.

Axel got the pic from above.

While Matt napped, Ari kept the crowd stoked.

Yu-Tung Hung came along for the ride with smiles ear to ear.

After painting the road with thane lines, Levi took it to the sidewalks.

Alexandra Kubiak Ho-chi skates for the pure fun of it.

Starting early.

Levi’s essential diet.

This sidewalk was full of cracks and loose bricks but that didn’t detour Axel in the slightest.

We took a day to check out the Forbidden City and scope out a few sights and shops. Matt needed a second to take it all in.

So did Levi.

Everyone wanted a selfie with Axel.

And Matt.

I could watch Kate skate any day of the week.

Ari could too.

Nate and Axel found some goods at the market.

We found this spot near a secluded section of the Great Wall of China.

Matt was down to surf the break.

Axel “Black K” Serrat schlubbing like the king himself.

After exploring the hills in the area we took to the steps. Thousands upon thousands of steps, in all shapes and sizes. They went on forever.

Ari found his moment in the light at the top, and we eventually got the cover shot out of this location for issue 33.

The city was loud even when no one was playing.

Sea horses and scorpions, take your pick.

Some places are larger than life.

Axel doesn’t care what size it is, he’ll make it work.

Until next time China…

Looking back on the photos and recounting all the wondrous experiences I had, I have to take a moment and share my gratitude to K Haohan and Misha for fully taking care of the crew and I and showing us everything China has to offer. I’d also like to thank Paris Truck Co. and the killer crew that came along for the adventure. Please check out the cover shot I landed with Skate Slate commemorating the trip below and the Paris In Beijing video. We had an epic time. Can’t wait until the next opportunity!