Bureo Featured on Red Bull TV

Bureo makes skateboards from recycled fishing nets. Their program begin in Chile, ‘Net Positiva’ and has expanded rapidly, now with a new partnership with Carver Skateboards. Check out the details on Bureo thanks to a new Red Bull short film.

About the video:

Bureo was founded on a desire to find solutions to prevent ocean plastic pollution, inspire future generations and initiate social change. Their work has allowed them to contribute to a broad movement working towards protecting our oceans and environment. They are proud to align their mission with this movement, and to now make a difference through their life’s work. Bureo is driven by a need to succeed in order to expand their collection and recycling program. The impact of their mission goes beyond removing waste; it extends to the individuals that are influenced by their products and path.

“The whole reason we did this was to create change….so that is our end goal”
-Ben Kneppers

In 2014, Red Bull TV approached Bureo to be featured in a short film project, “Creators of Tomorrow”. It was an opportunity to share their story, and take a close look into their team and programs. Filmed over the course of 2015, the film followed their journey from California to Chile. They hope you enjoy a unique perspective into the Bureo family life, which profiles the birth of ‘The Ahi’ skateboard with their partners at Carver Skateboards. Thanks to the whole team at Carver for believing in the project and taking a chance to elevate our mission! And Red Bull TV for creating this film.