Dirty Session At The Vancouver Docks With Flatspot & Loaded

DockSession is an event that Loaded and Orangatang ambassador Lotfi Lamaali started in Paris as a weekly community skate session in 2014. Since then, DockSession has branched out to other parts of France and now worldwide. Recently, two other ambassadors, Ari Chamasmany and Camilo Céspedes flew from LA to Vancouver to visit Flatspot Longboard Shop in East Downtown/Chinatown for a DockSession of their own.

DockSession is traditionally flatland/freestyle folks and performed during the day. This DockSession was set to be at night and given that it was winter and it was Van, it was wet on the ground. Luckily it wasn’t raining at the time and there were a few spots that were scouted out ahead of time that were under ground parking garages. Before heading out, there was an Ask Me Anything with Ari, which is a frequent FB Live video event that happens on Flatspot’s Facebook page. They got questions from online-onlookers as the phone gets passed around. Cameron Frazier and DJ Ari Shark were spinning some digital with the front counter of the store turned into DJ booth. The usual suspects were in the back skating the bowl.

Ari Chamasmany and Cameron Frazier, amused by the comments and questions streaming through the live feed.

Smooth jams were booming from the DJ booth.

Here’s an out of focus shot of Sho Ouellette grinding the bowl.

Self-portrait through the Facebook live video.

People started showing up, some saying they had seen the Facebook live video and then decided to come downtown to the shop. I think they ended their live video with a contest of who could tell the dirtiest joke. I can’t even repeat what joke won, but you can just imagine the dirtiest joke you know and go with that.

Watch the live stream here:

After waiting for a few final folks to show up and shutting down the shop, we left for Vancouver’s first DockSession. We mobbed the sidewalk through Chinatown and headed towards ScienceWorld, which has some underground pavement around the area. Flatspot’s Mischa Chandler had his dog Tarro riding with us. Taro was on leash for some sections and off-leash for others, trained to stay off the road. The crew of skaters was a mixture of freestylers, downhillers, and street skaters. The wet push to ScienceWorld was enough for a few dance steps and slides.

Cam Frazier brought the loud sound with a fairly light mobile speaker.

Cam casually waits for the light, while booming some Glitch-hop.

Whoop Whoop, that’s the sound of the the police.

Camilo Céspedes films Sho Ouillette down a bit of downhill.

Camilo Céspedes films Sho Ouillette getting blunted with a backdrop of downtown.

Camilo Céspedes films Sho Ouillette down a bit of downhill.

The wet push to the Vancouver Convention Centre was enough for a few dance steps and slides.

Mischa Chandler and his dog, Tarro.

Ari with so much spinning it will make your head win. Make Canada skate again!


Vancouver Sun, lol!

Approaching the underground destination.

The areas we sessioned were kinda dirty, but it was the best we could do with the conditions. This session wasn’t for the pavement princesses. We sessioned some street features and did flatground tricks. Trains passed nearby every few minutes and there were very few cars traveling through. There was evidence of drug use and sleeping, but no one out there besides us.

The crew chills in front of a concrete cave for a bit while some people session a barrier.

Looks like others have sessioned the area in the past, just for different reasons. Needles, cardboard, and clothes were in the corners of this concrete cave.

This session wasn’t for the pavement prince /or princesses.

Sho Ouellette stole the Show with his street skating maneuvers like this backside wallride.

Some dancing in the dark.

Some friends came to watch for a while.

Sho wallied to boardslide on this barrier and I just barely caught it.

Though this DockSession was different than the other DockSessions, it was still a blast cruising around, skating with friends, and listening to music all the while. I’m hoping there are more to come and excited to attend one during the day, maybe around the Seawall.