Cindy Whitehead Featured On Vice: Female Skateboarders Still Striving For Even Footing With Men

Hall of Fame Skateboarder, Founder of Girl Is Not a 4 Letter Word and now, Author of It’s Not About Pretty, Cindy Whitehead, was interviewed o Vice Sports this week covering her continued push to empower Females and Female Skaters specifically. A Skateboard Industry veteran, Cindy, knows the ins and outs of sponsorship and exposure better than anyone, even most of her male counterparts. Despite decades of Females skaters, and females in general, helping build and sell skateboarding to where it is today, Male skaters still take the majority of the exposure and money out of the sport.

Here’s an excerpt from her Vice article. Read the full article here.

“…men still dominate magazine covers, videos, and mainstream media, fueling the perception that men still rule the industry and making brands less likely to give women a shot. That perception trickles down to affect all female skaters, regardless of age…

…But times may be changing. Last November, Transworld Skateboarding featured their first female on the cover, Armanto. The magazine’s girls issue showed Generation Z readers that female pros are getting bigger air, and pulling off more tricks, than ever. Urban Outfitters’ UO 2017 fashion line is called “Skate Girls,” and integrates a five-episode web series on their Urban Outfitters Television YouTube page directed by Steve Berra featuring Los Angeles skaters instead of models. 

“Good marketing helps to break down stereotypes of skaters and makes younger girls think they should give it a go,” Olsen said. “I definitely think if more companies started supporting and marketing pro girls it would improve it for everyone.”

Whitehead thinks the industry as a whole is missing out on a golden opportunity. “We’re not valuing the female pros as much as men and the funny thing is these girls on the average are getting more mainstream coverage than the guys are,” she said. “The guys are getting it within the skate world, but the girls are getting it in the mainstream world and doesn’t that hit an even bigger audience and encourage even more people to skate who then go in and buy those boards?”…

Read the full article here.

More about It’s Not About Pretty here:

Cindy Whitehead also recently released It’s Not About Pretty, the first all-female skateboarding photography book, and one she put together with her husband, photographer Ian Logan. The hardcover book is 144 pages long and features 65 different female skaters—riding pools, park, street, downhill, vert and cruising—with ages ranging from five to just over 50. “It shows us that someone cares,” Starr Olsen said. “It also shows girls starting to skate that there are different styles of skating and that there is something for everyone.”