Migrate To Skate 2016: Part 2 – Skate[Slate].TV

The Migrate to Skate Series Part 2 featuring the Western Washington University Longboarding Club in Maui is live! Thanks to Rec Room Productions for video.

This week the crew makes a lap around Maui’s western lobe. Lucky enough to arrive right behind the pavers, the team got fresh hits on some of Maui’s newly paved slopes, as well as runs on a north shore classic, Mendez.

Featuring: John Slugg, Sam Galus, Steven Suhama, Jack Bain, Ben Bartlett, Kai Griffin, Landon Jackson, Dakota Camp, Graham Tullett, Jacob Delgado, Zach Newman, Dylan Pierce and Andy Kennedy

Rec Room Productions

In association with: Paris Truck Co., Subsonic Skateboards, Aeon Skate Co., Landyachtz Longboards

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