Manu Duhamel’s Gopro Video Of The Old Child Follow Car

Manu Duhamel likes to film his runs. Old Child Media, Josh Boehlke, seems to like filming Manu. So Manu turned his GoPro around and filmed Josh, filming him and Aaron Rankin, and gave us a look at what the rear view of a follow run, from the riders perspective, actually looks like.

Here’s a couple side by side images… coming through a corner

and barreling down a straight…

Dope to see the two perspectives.. have a watch below.

From Manu’s Youtube:

Backward perspective of what it looks like when we film with Old Child
Manu Duhamel- Orangatang Wheels/Loaded Boards
Aaron Rankin- Self shredder
Old Child- Behind the wheel

Old Child follow cam perspective here: