Skate[Slate] Magazine Issue 34 – 2016 Photo Annual

Skate[Slate] Magazine Issue 34 recaps the past year of Skateboarding through the eyes of our staff and contributors. Hope you got a copy!?

With a warm and heavy heart, we remember Victor Earhart as he graces the cover of our Skate[Slate] Magazine Photo Annual. Inside the magazine we’ve also included an article commemorating the stoke he brought to so many of our lives thanks to a few words by Max Capps. Cover photo thanks to Jon Huey.

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Issue 34 is also jammed with photos and brings together some of the best of the past 12 months both from around the community and our crew. There’s too many to list in this post, but thank you to all who contributed, supported and skated, for another great year!

We do want to give a specific shout out to Jon Huey, Max Dubler, Don Sheffler, Alex Ameen, Will Edgecombe, Axel Serrat, Wes Eldridge, Jonathan Nuss and Kevin Carlton. As a Skate Slate Crew, these guys went around the world covering the scene this past year and took some amazing photos and shared incredible stories. When you subscribe to the print magazine, this is who you are supporting!

Please be sure to get your hands on a copy of this issue or download it to read it all! We have and will be releasing additional exclusive content from this issue over the next couple weeks on Skate[Slate].com, so check back often to not miss anything.

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In this issue:

Cooper Darquea. Max Dubler photo.

Grab Bag
Check Out – Calvin Skinner & Dylan Pierce
Shutter Speed – Aaron Breetwor & James Tracey
Real Talk – Skate Photography is Easy
Finish Line – Tom Flinchbaugh

In Memory of Victor Earhart. Words thanks to Max Capps. Jon Huey and Don Sheffler Photos.


Victor Earhart 1946 – 2016

Photo Annual Contributors Selections

Photo Annual Staff Submission

Alex Mackenzie. Photo Ivan Wong.

Jed Johnson. Jon Huey photo.

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