TBT: Kamloops Longboard Park with the Omen Van

For this Throwback Thursdays, I’m featuring the Kamloops Longboard Park, the first longboard park of its kind in the world. Last year I checked out the park while I was with the Omen Longboards van on the way to Sun Peaks for the Skate Sun Peaks event. We sessioned for a few hours which was just enough time for me to get some photos.

Nate Blackburn, Dustin Ascheman of NWest Media, Morgan Owens, Parker Schmidt, Nick Hanson, Stephen Keimach, and I were traveling together and Sam Galus, Devon Dotson, and John Slugg were traveling separately from Seattle. When we showed up to the park after a long drive from Seattle, the park was just starting to dry up from being wet. We skated it in wet, cause we’re from the northwest and used to it.

You always know when the Omen Van shows up, ’cause they’re probably blasting music and puffing vapor out the doors as they get out.

You can see their handy dandy board rack in the back. Parker has got some serious glare.

Morgan’s ready to climb high up on the hill.

Morgan Owens drops in at the Kamloops Longboard Park while it’s still wet.

Devon Dotson.

The hill has a more mellow “easy” paved course and a more “difficult” route that switches back four times down the hill on a steep grade. It’s good to have the two for the different skill levels of the riders. I didn’t really shoot on the easy side but I shot a bit on the difficult side. The Omen boys got right to it and skated with the locals. We hung out with and got to know some of the locals, but I have this photo of one of them and I don’t remember his name. I got to borrow a board and take a few runs myself. Thanks Kamloops locals!

Parker and the locals line up at the top.

Devon Dotson goes regular through the left and switches it for the right.

Kicking up dirt.

None are as sloppy as Nick Hanson, this line was as smooth as Hanson.

David Derejko had good stand up lines through the switchbacks.

In addition to taking a few runs I decided to play photo assistant on the hill. We had so many photographers out, Dustin Ascheman and Sam Galus were shooting and even Nate Blackburn, who has getting better at the art of photos recently if I do say so myself. I took out my golden reflector and got to work lighting up the riders as they slid by. Dustin and Nate were stoked! They were getting super professional-looking photos and coming to realize the power of the reflector. They were soon to reach a #newlevel when they brought a big reflector to Giant’s Head Freeride (GHF) later in the season, which I poached, of course.

The photo gang – Sam Galus, Nate Blackburn, and Dustin Ascheman of NWest Media.

Sam Galus is well known for his smooth long stand up slides, but he’s also a good photographer. He’s got some photos of the Migrate 2 Skate trip coming in the next issue of Skate[Slate]. Subscribe or miss out.

The wet pavement was surprisingly grippy and had problems dealing with it being patchy either. I give the park a 5 out of 5 rating. There should be more and more of these for longboarders to have a safe place to ride. We said our goodbyes and headed out to Skate Sun Peaks after getting some exercise and a good break from all the travel.